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The Catalyst

Meet Jake Schubert

College of Nursing, Class of 2013

How you are changing what's possible at MUSC
I have been outspoken about transitioning the classroom environment to a “flipped” classroom, where recorded lectures are studied ahead of class, so that the time in front of a live instructor can be interactive and based on case studies.

Who was your biggest influence in choosing nursing as a career 
I come from a family of nurses but my younger brother, who is a cardiac nurse, was a big influence. 

Words of advice
Keep your head up. There are beautiful days and challenging days but it will always be worth the effort. 

Favorite restaurant
I seem to find myself at Taco Boy on frequent occasions.

Favorite place in the world
I can never get enough of Thailand. It has everything - delicious food, awesome people, beautiful beaches, and it’s always summertime.

May 15, 2013

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