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Evaluating passion led dietetic intern to change career path

By Anna Nygaard-Ghi
Nutrition Matters

We all want to believe that we have a purpose in this life and that we were put on Earth for a reason. While searching for that purpose, we have to sift through all of our past decisions and future dreams.

For me, the journey to finding my true purpose began about three years ago. Soul searching is never easy, and many of us put off looking within to discover our true selves. But, I had been to the bottom and was ready to rise back to the top.

Evaluating my life and my passions led me to a career change that landed me in the field of nutrition. Change is never an easy thing to sit with and digest, but I knew that making a major change could only be for the best in my case.

It is hard to go beyond your safety net of an established career where you have gained trust, responsibility and contacts, but there are times when you are called to follow your passion.

As an MUSC dietetic intern, I’m heading into the next phase of my life and building the bridge between my two passions of nutrition and conservation. The internship has proven to be full of tests and triumphs, with rotations ranging from clinical nutrition to food service and community/outreach events, long-term care and outpatient nutritional counseling.

The end goal of the internship is to become a registered dietitian with the knowledge and power to help others connect the dots on how to make the best choices that aid in overall health and wellness, while also living a sustainable life that leaves the smallest footprint possible on our natural resources.

We all have a story to tell and each one of us has a purpose for living. It just takes courage, the support of family and a strong belief within to make the necessary decisions to follow your hopes, dreams and passion. 

May 29, 2013

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