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Top 8 reasons to bookmark MUSC News Center

With national trends showing that more people like to get their health news through multimedia outlets, MUSC’s Office of Public Relations has launched a new digital platform. The new platform complements current communication outlets and includes a news center, a one-stop shop for the latest in what’s happening in clinical and university news.

MUSC News Center

Heather Woolwine, MUSC media relations director, said that staff spent many months sifting through the best news centers at other academic health centers to devise an overall digital platform that serves the news media, the public at large and the MUSC family.

“MUSC is joining a number of top-tier academic health centers nationwide who have decided that we have the advantage when it comes to reporting health news to a wide variety of stakeholders.”

Here are the top eight reasons to check it out.

1. Multimedia format: The MUSC News Center is updated weekly with what’s happening on campus presented in a multimedia format that includes photos, graphs, charts, videos and links to related news stories and MUSC events.

2. Storytelling is at the heart of the news center, which will feature more photos, including galleries, and videos for those who like to “see” their news.

3. The “Suggest a Story” feature allows readers to write in their story request and specify what channels they’d like it to be featured, including the campus’ weekly newspaper The Catalyst, MUSC News Center and social media outlets.

4. The “In the News” section at the bottom of the MUSC News Center features the latest ways colleagues and the institution have been making headlines.

5. A Featured Expert” section on the public relations landing page highlights MUSC’s leading experts with an overview of their expertise and background, including a short video of them explaining why they are leaders in their field. The “Featured Expert” archive is a useful tool for media and the general public interested in finding out about these experts and their specialties.

6. A “News You Can Use” section offers informational packages for the public, with downloadable forms and centralized links to expert sources. For example, the “Obesity in Teens” package includes four downloadable forms created by MUSC experts that parents can use to help children and teens become healthier. 

Dietitian Janet Carter, featured in a teen obesity News You Can Use package holding up a model of five pounds of fat.
Dietitian Janet Carter, featured in a teen obesity News You Can Use package holding up a model of five pounds of fat.

7. Directing more online traffic to all MUSC websites, the News Center will be another source to collect analytics to better assess how to serve the community. According to statistics from the Pew Research Center, 81 percent of U.S. adults use the Internet and 59 percent say they have looked online for health information in the past year. Thirty five percent of U.S. adults say they have gone online specifically to try to figure out what medical condition they or someone else might have. Another Pew report found one in three cell phone owners (31 percent) have used their phone to look for health information. In a comparable national survey conducted two years ago, 17 percent of cell phone owners had used their phones to look for health advice.

8. The site is media friendly. It features stories of interest to general media outlets, providing access to useful background information, video and photos. With MUSC’s strategic goal to achieve national recognition as a top-25 academic medical center by the year 2015, the news center provides a responsive outlet to increase coverage of how the institution has and is making its mark on local, national and international levels.

Woolwine said the Office of Public Relations will be seeking feedback, and it will evolve based on that interaction.

“We want all of those involved with MUSC to use this new addition, and we welcome feedback to continually improve the site experience. We have the power to connect with those who care about what’s happening at MUSC in an unprecedented way, and we couldn’t be more excited about using this platform and watching it grow.”

To visit the new site, go to Click on “News Center” on the left navigation tab or visit

June 12, 2013

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