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The MUSC medical center town halls were held throughout July. Town hall meetings are an important part of the medical center’s efforts to make sure that employees are well informed and involved. The meetings are not only an opportunity to hear directly from senior leaders, but also to ask questions and share ideas.

Thank you to all employees who attended or viewed the town halls.

Following is a recap of the July town halls:


  • Attendance to date:  4,728
  • Attended live sessions:  3,821
  • Attended via webinar:  907
  • Attended department or service line specific sessions: 1,339*

*Note: This number is also included in “live sessions,” as these sessions are live.

Common comments or questions from town hall follow-up surveys

  • It was great to have Dr. Patrick Cawley lead so many meetings. As our leader, it’s good to see how engaged he is with front line staff.
  • Have human resources representatives at each meeting to help with questions.
  • Cover less of the same material managers have been told to communicate in staff meetings.
  • Do not allow employees to enter the meetings late as it’s distracting.
  • Have a Rumor Round-Up where five minutes of the meetings are dedicated to addressing rumors heard throughout the organization.
  • Less talk about Huron… more about our future plans.
  • Have some town hall sessions where the employees can come and voice their concerns, rather than just a presentation.
  • Present more positive content in future town halls.
  • How will the Affordable Care Act impact the hospital and all employees? Please provide further education.
  • Provide more information about MUSC’s lobbying efforts for state funding and health care initiatives.
  • Provide further explanations of acronyms, scores, and ranks.
  • What are specific examples of how people are being held accountable?

Please give specific examples of how employees can help improve MUSC’s financial situation.

It would be best to have more focused town halls. A lot of material is covered in a short amount of time.

Common questions asked at town hall meetings

Question and Answer table

Your voice has been heard!

The feedback received from the town hall surveys will be reviewed and used to improve town halls in the future.

Thank you for your participation.

For more information on town halls or to access past meetings, visit

August 21, 2013

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