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Physician engagement survey results now available

In May, the medical center’s physicians were asked to complete the annual physician engagement survey. In an effort to improve overall engagement with our employees and physicians, we are paying closer attention this year to our survey results and are using the results to drive changes within the organization and improve alignment and engagement of our physicians.

We are examining the relationship between employee engagement, physician engagement and key patient outcomes to assess how engagement pertains to excellence in care.


Response rate

The physician engagement survey was sent to 815 physicians; 339 completed the survey, giving an overall response rate of 42 percent. Response rates above 30 percent are considered statistically valid, and all but one of the departments had a 30 percent or above response rate.

Though the results give a statistically valid picture of the physician engagement, MUSC will continue to strive for 100 percent participation in order to give leaders a more complete understanding of key issues.

Response rate

The leadership team is committed to listening carefully to what our physicians have told us and to use the results of this survey to enact plans to respond to the issues identified.

Please watch for updates on plans and activities in future communications.

August 7, 2013

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