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University Service Awards

The Medical University Annual Service Award ceremony and reception was held Tuesday, Sept. 10.

40 years

John M. Kratz, Surgery

30 years

Pamela J. Beasley, Family Medicine; Pamela Benjamin, College of Medicine; Erika Bullesbach, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology; Melvin D. Butler, College of Dental Med; Valerie Chestnut, Research & Sponsored Programs; Russell Cox, Comp Med, Lab Animal Res; Betty G. Craven, Finance, Chief Financial Officer; Karen Frederking, Library; Vivian Hall, Public Health Sciences; Belinda Felice Holloway, Finance, Purchasing; Joseph M. Jenrette III, Radiation Oncology; Gordon D. Knight Jr., Press; Robert B. Leman, Med; Jacob L. Maxey, Parking Mgt; Benjamin Saunders, Psy & Behavioral Sciences; and Anna Skipper, Alumni Affairs.

20 years

Richard R. Anderson, Pediatrics; Vertonya Perry Anderson, Library; John E. Baatz, Pediatrics; Prabhakar K. Baliga, Surgery; Mary Neale Berkaw, Cell & Molecular Pharmacology; David L. Blick Sr., Engineering & Facilities; John A. Bosso, College of Pharmacy; Thomas Karl Byrne, Surgery; Peter J. Carek, Family Med; James F. Carter, Obstetrics & Gynecology; Anthony E. Ciuffo, Public Relations; Wanda Y. Connor, Transportation Srvcs; Eric P. Cooke, Press; Vanessa L. Daniels, College of Dental Med; James Edwards, Psy & Behavioral Sciences; Susan F. Edwards, Controller’s Office; Brent M. Egan, Med; Evelyn Fabunan, Regenerative Med & Cell Biology; Tracy Fleming, Transportation Srvcs; Robyn M. Frampton, MUSC Foundation; Shelley S. Garvin, College of Dental Med; Jean-Eric Gedeon, Engineering & Facilities; Donna J. Gerke, Med; Dwight Gore, Education & Student Life; Susan C. Harvey, Anesthesia & Perioperative Med; Kathie L. Hermayer, Med; Cynthia Lea-Hardin Hipp, College of Dental Med; Kenton R. Holden, Neurology; Sonta P. Holmes, Transportation Srvcs; Wanda K. Hutto, Office of Research Development; Frances S. Joyner, Office of Enrollment Mgt; Paul J. Kelly, Office of Research Integrity; Joann S. King, College of Health Professions; Edward L. Krug, Regenerative Med & Cell Biology; Michelle Lally, Pediatrics; Mardi G. Long, College of Nursing; Harold A. Mackey, Office of the CIO; Lorine Matthews-Graham, Mail Services; Stephen R. McLawhorn, Engineering & Facilities; Connie D. Medley, Neurosciences Research; Sheryl L. Meier, College of Dental Med; Keith D. Merrill, Orthopaedic Surgery; Annette B. Mixon, Med; Thomas A. Morinelli, Med; Jean M. Nappi, College of Pharmacy; Colleen A. Nichols, Ophthalmology; George W. Ohlandt, Office of Enrollment Mgt; Lloyd R. Pate Jr., Psy & Behavioral Sciences; Tina M. Pinckney, College of Dental Med; Elizabeth Poth, Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery; John T. Pritchett, Psy & Behavioral Sciences; Scott T. Reeves, Anesthesia & Perioperative Med; Mary S. Richardson, Pathology & Laboratory Med; Catherine S. Rubinstein, Surgery; Michael E. Saladin, College of Health Professions; Joseph Salley, Engineering & Facilities; Royce R. Sampson, SCTR Institute; Michael H. Schultz, Engineering & Facilities; Anbesaw W. Selassie, Public Health Sciences; Margaret E. Sheridan, MUSC Gives Back; Theodore J. Simons, Public Safety; Kenneth Singleton, Engineering & Facilities; Jennie Marie Sirisky, Public Safety; Jannetta Whitsett Smith, Comp Med, Lab Animal Res; William M. Southgate, Pediatrics; Eve G. Spratt, Pediatrics; Annette B. Stoney, Radiology; Yukiko Sugi, Regenerative Med & Cell Biology; Cynthia Cupit Swenson, Psy, Behavioral Sciences; James B. Tomsic, Education, Student Life; Dana S. Tumbleston, Human Resources Mgt; Debra Ann Underwood, Public Safety; Carol L. Wagner, Pediatrics; Mark T. Wagner, Psy & Behavioral Sciences; Sally A. Webb, Pediatrics; Lynn West, College of Dental Med; and Nina Rosalee West, Surgery.

10 years

Rebecca J. Antley, Research & Sponsored Programs; Varsha M. Bandisode, Pediatrics; Suzanne Bean, Finance Disbursement Srvs; Craig C. Beeson, College of Pharmacy; David H. Bernanke, Regenerative Med & Cell Biology; Carla Holt Bistrick, College of Health Professions; Amanda E. Blue, Pediatrics; Mary Amanda Bongiorno, Clin Eff, Patient Safety Ctr; Deborah L. Bordeau, Neurosciences; Amy Dodd Bradshaw, Med; Jerald Destolia Brown, College of Med; Katherine Denise Bryant, Comp Med Lab Animal Res; Linda D. Bunch, Office of Research Integrity; Marlene A. Bunni, Med; Paul Andrew Burns, Risk Mgt Radiation Safety; Amy Elizabeth Burrell, Pediatrics; Lorry Y. Bush, College of Dental Med; Katherine Campbell, Engineering & Facilities; Sheryl S. Cannon, College of Dental Med; Burgess Bernard Canty, Parking Mgt; Colleen Ward Carver, Pediatrics; Patrick J. Cawley, Med; Eugene Y. Chang, Obstetrics & Gynecology; Geoffrey Cheek, Psy & Behavioral Sciences; Frank Colden Clark, Office of the CIO; Harry S. Clarke Jr., Urology; Laura Lee Cohen, Engineering & Facilities; William F. Condon III, Engineering & Facilities; Andrea Summer Cothran, Pediatrics; Joseph W. Coulbourn Jr., Hollings Cancer Center; Felecia A. Curry, Grants & Contracts Acctg; Betsy K. Davis, Otolaryngology Head & Neck Surgery; Grayce P. Davis, Anesthesia & Perioperative Med; Stefanie Davis, Grants & Contracts Acctg; Michael A. Delambo, Education & Student Life; Joseph Vanlear Dobson, Pediatrics; Laura Ann Droege, Otolaryngology Head & Neck; Joseph Anthony Eisenhart, Path & Lab Med; John R. Feussner, College of Med; Jacqueline Rae Fisher, College of Dental Med; Kenneth Ford, Engineering & Facilities; Susan K. Franklin, Office of Research Integrity; Victor Frescom, Regenerative Med & Cell Biology; Juanmanuel Gomez, Med; Stacey C. Goretzka, Office of Research Integrity; Robin R. Hanckel, VP for Academic Affairs & Provost; Donna Suzanne Harrison,  College of Pharmacy; Jennifer M. Hoel,  Engineering & Facilities; Susan E. Dick Hoffius, Library Science & Informatics; Dorothy Bishop Hope, Path & Lab Med; Dwight A. Hudson, Engineering & Facilities; Carla L. Huggins, Med; Shahid Husain, Ophthalmology; Paul F. Jacques, College of Health Professions; Mark S. Kindy,  Neurosciences Research; James S. Krause, College of Health Professions; Emmett Michael Lampkin, Psy & Behavioral Sciences; Eric J. Larson, Med; Stuart M. Leon, Surgery; Kenneth D. Lester, College of Dental Med; Li Li, Pediatrics; Martha Lynn Lipton, Education & Student Life; Kelly K. Long, College of Health Professions; Tina Renee Luke, SCTR Institute; Nick T. Luong,  Neurosciences Research; Margaret Markiewicz, Med; Patricia G. McBurney, Pediatrics; Augustus J. McConnell Jr., Public Safety; Allison Leshaye McCreary, Surgery; S. Ted McGill, College of Dental Med; Stewart A. Mixon, Finance & Admin; Sangeeta Mohanty,  Neurosciences Research; Leslie Christina Moore, Public Safety; Diana Lynn Mullis, Psy & Behavioral Sciences; Susan Williams Mundo, Comp Med Lab Animal Res; Sergi A. Novgorodov, Med; Tara M. Novit, Hollings Cancer Ctr; Tamara Kristine Nowling, Med; Margaret Elaine O'Brien,  College of Dental Med; Dedree Plummer Owens, Hollings Cancer Ctr; Frances S. Pach, Neurology; Sherman Paggi, Library; Angela Payton-Harmon, Pediatrics; Jeffery N. Pritcher, Library; John P.M. Redant, Pediatrics; Allison Camille Reece, Parking Mgt; Shaundrea Shisko Reid, Surgery; Kumar Sambamurti, Neurosciences Research; Rodney J. Schlosser, Otolaryngology; Steven D. Shapiro, College of Dental Med; Dwayne Shearer, Engineering & Facilities; Ann-Catherin Simpson, College of Health Professions; Emily A. Smalls, SCTR Institute; Edward E. Soltis, College of Pharmacy; Wendy A. Sosebee, IT & Faculty Resources; Krista Demattio Stackley, College of Pharmacy; Marna Carlisle Stilley, OCIO; Marian H. Taylor, Med; Marvin D. Wagner Jr., Public Safety; Roshonta Buggs Walker, Med; Linda Walton, Pediatrics; Frederick C. Wanner, Public Safety; Greg R. Watts, Library Science & Informatics; Thomas D. Watts, Engineering & Facilities; Andrea M. Wessell, Family Med; John Marcus Wharton, Med; Christie E. Whitener, Hollings Cancer Ctr; Je-Seong Won, Path & Lab Med; Heather M. Woolwine, Public Relations; Jin Yu, Neurosciences Research; Jane M. Zapka, Public Health Sciences; Hong Zhur, Neurosciences Research; and Lisa M. Zokas, College of Med.

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September 12, 2013



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