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Employee of the month awards

Julie Hanover, Hollings Cancer Center
“Julie Hanover just went an extra mile to get a wheelchair for her patient that lives out of state.  This patient had a recent stroke, no insurance and needed one to be transported back home. She thought that FAP had been completed and that the patient would be eligible for our DME company to provide one. She went and called many DME companies and found out that Apria has a location three hours away from the patient. She called CVS, Goodwill and other sites to check on cost and availability. Concerned about the cost to this patient and family, Julie didn’t stop there. She searched Craigslist and was able to find a wheelchair for $40. She worked it out with a family member and transported it to MUSC for the patient to be discharged. The wheelchair didn’t even looked like it had been used. Julie put on gloves and helped the family clean it so that they could be on their way. This is truly dedication to both the patient and MUSC. Exceptional job and well done!”
Nominated by Ellen Ruja

Lou D’Eugenio, Interventional Radiology

“On more than one occasion Lou has answered requests to place ultrasound–guided peripheral IV’s in patients who are not in his work area. These patients with histories of difficult IV access would otherwise require central lines. He is always courteous on the phone when his skill is requested and promptly comes to perform the task. On arrival to the patients’ bedsides he is calm, confident and reassuring. The patients are satisfied because multiple, unnecessary venipunctures have been avoided.”
Nominated by Michelle Thompson

Jessica Shaw, ART 5 West
“Jessica has developed a brochure that is given to patients on admission to help aquaint them with the unit and our routines.  She has also developed an On-Call sheet that not only lists the physicians and their contact information, but also includes a photo of the individuals. This helps floats, eShift and new personnel to know who’s–who.  Jessica had been participating in Dragon Boat racing and is now raising funds for Light the Night and the patient and family funds we use on the unit to aid with medications and sponsoring patient families at Christmas. She also runs the unit council each month and produces a newsletter.  Jessica also participates in the local ONS chapter and includes new employees by inviting them as guests to the monthly meetings.”
Nominated by Katherine Wanstall

Alex Herlocker, 9 East

“Alex has only been a nurse for a few months but he has already exhibited compassion way beyond his tenure as a nurse.  Alex took care of a special needs patient admitted to the unit due to a neurosurgical condition. The patient was used to having Child life services available during her hospitalization from the state where she’s originally from. Child life services usually helps her cope with hospitalization and the associated procedures during the hospital stay. Alex went out of his way to provide the patient with arts and crafts materials during his shift.  He also spent a considerable amount of time during his shift to ensure that the patient was coping well in her new surroundings.  In addition, he bought the patient a jewelry–making kit and other materials during his off day and brought them the following day for the patient.  The patient’s parents could not believe that such nurses exist and are very much pleased with their experience at MUSC.”
Nominated by Leah Ramos

Amy Thompson, UIM Resident Clinic
“I am submitting this on behalf of Colleen O’Rourke. Amy Thompson really went above and beyond to help me Sept. 25 with a patient in the UIM clinic. Amy is always helpful, so her effort was not out of character; however, this patient was particularly challenging. This patient has medical problems and is on four or five blood pressure meds in addition to other daily medications. I suspected she wasn’t taking some of her blood pressure medications, so I asked her to bring in her pills, pill bottles and daily pill box from home. She brought in five gallon-sized Ziplock bags–full of medication bottles and boxes, some that expired in 2009, some assorted pills mixed in unidentified bottles, and other medications. I sent the tech to find a pharmacist and Amy came immediately to help. Amy identified all the miscellaneous pills in the pill box and helped me and the tech sort through all the medications in the bags, going so far as to identify the mixed pills in the unlabeled bottles. She identified duplicate medications and removed them; which pills needed to be distributed in the box; and which were absent because they needed refills. This task should have been overwhelming for any pharmacist, but Amy didn’t even hesitate — she just dived into the work with a great attitude. She suggested a good follow–up plan and she even volunteered to call the patient’s pharmacy to make sure that her refilled medications would be delivered in time for her next appointment. Ultimately, the patient left the appointment with only one bag of medication and a much more organized medication regimen thanks to Amy’s efforts. Amy was extremely knowledgeable, professional, efficient, patient, and even cheerful.  I am so thankful for her help on that day and I am thrilled to work with her in my weekly UIM resident clinic.”
Nominated by Lynn Uber

January 10, 2014

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