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Pediatric ICU nurse recognized with DAISY

The October DAISY (disease attacking the immune system) award winner is Katherine Baldwin, R.N., of the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit.

Below is her nomination:

“The PICU unit council would like to nominate Katherine Baldwin for the DAISY award. She recently took care of a patient who had been cared for in the hospital for a long time. On this particular day the patient was not doing well.  All of the PICU attendings got together that morning and decided to meet with the family, later in the week to discuss the patients declining status. When Katherine found out there was going to be a delay in having the family meeting, she advocated for her patient and their family. Katherine was able to facilitate having the meeting that day with all of the doctors present. When the family arrived, Katherine had the difficult task of reiterating the patient’s condition and answering all of their questions and concerns. Katherine did so in such a compassionate and caring way, ensuring the family fully understood the situation. After the meeting, the family decided to withdraw support that day.

Katherine then went above and beyond to guarantee that this was as peaceful as possible for the family and patient. She had the patient moved to a private room, helped family members hold the baby for the first time and arranged for a smooth transition between visitors just as the family requested. Katherine also made sure all of the patient’s primary nurses from both units were aware of the decisions and had Child Life on hand to work with a sibling, and, as this all happened at change of shift, she stayed into the next shift with the family. Katherine not only showed compassion and respect for the family and their difficult decisions but was able to advocate for her patient and work well with the multidisciplinary team. Katherine Baldwin is an example to all nurses.”

Each month, MUSC nurses are honored with the DAISY Award for Extraordinatry Nurses. It is part of the DAISY Foundation’s program recognizing the efforts that nurses contribute daily to in their jobs. The award is given to outstanding nurses in more than 1,600 hospitals across the country. Nominations can be submitted by anyone — patients, visitors, physicians fellow nurses and all MUSC staff and volunteers. To nominate a nurse, visit

October 10, 2014



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