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Meet Dawn Sader Hartsell

President’s Office

How long at MUSC
Seven years

How you are changing what’s possible at MUSC  
By supporting and reinforcing the MUSC vision, mission and values and by striving to provide excellent support for patient care, academics and research through my new role as assistant to our president.

I was born in Santa Rosa, Ca. and raised in California’s Central Valley. I moved to Charleston in 1996.

Family and pets
Husband, Tim; son, Sam; daughters, Chelsea and Kaela; and our fur-baby, Lilli

First thing you notice about a person
Their eyes. You can tell a lot from a person's eyes and the way they make eye contact.

Favorite fall memory
My family walks to get our Christmas tree just after Thanksgiving every year. Dressed in shorts and flip flops, we pull it home in a wagon while trying to remember the words to all of the best Christmas carols.

Something people don't know about me
In elementary school, I won a bull in a school raffle. Yes, you read correctly. I won an eight-week old calf named Oreo and raised her in our yard. I won't mention the tragic end to our friendship.

People you admire in your life and why
My parents, Don and Lauren Sader. They taught me how to love unconditionally and raised me with the ethics, morals and values that have made me the persion I am today. Also, my husband, Tim Hartsell, who inspires and amazes me every day. He has faced more trials and challenges in his life than anyone I know and he still manages to push through without a complaint. Nothing stops him; He is my hero.

Something I've tried and will never do again
Attempting a front flip on a trampoline. My lack of skill, combined with a clumsy nature, made my first attempt a pure disaster. Tip: Never attempt a trampoline flip if you are accident prone and have braces.

Greatest moment in your life
The moment I met my son, Sam for the first time.

Favorite quote
“In the end, only three things matter: how much you loved, how gently you lived, and how gracefully you let go of things not meant for you.” — Buddha

October 16, 2014



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