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MUSC Employee Applause

The following employees received recognition through the Applause Program for going the extra mile:

Medical Center
Philip Egloff, Hollings Retail Pharmacy; Lisa Dooley, Radiology; Yvette Edwards, Revenue Cycle Admin; Holli Hoagland, Radiology; Lavonnia Bennett, Patient Transportation; Bret Johnson, ART 4E; Holly Oliver, Radiology; Victoria Boucher, RT ENT; Angela Ford, Guest Services; Faye Parker, Guest Services; Evola Dawson, Revenue Cycle Operations; Jessica Howell, ART DDC; Ron Sherman, Engineering and Facilities; Megan Hutchinson, 8 West; Erin Davis, 8 West; Sharon Robinson, Guest Services; Folaina Murray, ART Vascular Lab; Valerie Jamison, PACU; Jessica Johnson, Safety & Security; Carol Frank, Dietetic Services; Ana Rosa Virella, Womens Services; Sherri Mixon, MedSurg Registration; Tracy Floyd, Women’s Services; Hanna Epstein, PCICU; Mary Faith Encarnacion, Laboratory Services; Tina Hinkle, Women’s Services; Angela Washington, Inpatient Pharmacy Services; Brent Paape, 6 West; Kai Jenkins, 6 West; Deborah Cepeda, Revenue Cycle Operations; Arien Rannigan, 7A; Lauren Boone, 7A; Frank Hoyland, Meduflex Team; Teresa Shuler, Sleep Lab; Zora Johnson, Mother Baby Unit; Ruth Christie, 5 East; Danny Williams, Safety & Security; Brenda Brown, HVC; Mechelle Rouse, GI Clinic; Kim Poulakis, ART DDC; Karen Worden, Acute Directional Unit; Kimberly Funk, Acute Directional Unit; Tiffany Carter, Meduflex Team; Sharon Dupree-Capers, Revenue Cycle Operations; Gwendolyn Cohen, Outpatient Registration; Moya McFadden, Radiology; Katherine Wamsley, Hollings Clinics; Sandra Zambetti, Hollings Clinics; Heath Tolliver, ART MSICU; Monica Mallory, MSICU; Carlee Clark, Anesthesia & Perioperative Medicine; Harolyn Smith, Volunteer & Guest Services; Hannah Elder, ART MedSurg Registration; Justin Ravenel, Volunteer & Guest Services; Christina Smith, GI-Bariatric Clinic; Toni Mullins, Clinical Neurophysiology Clinic; Andrea Rentz, 7A; Nancy Nolen, Outpatient Registration; Lawanda Anderson, Revenue Cycle Operations; Ryan Camilon, Otolaryngology; Garrett Rowe, Clinical Radiology; Rebecca Peters, Outpatient Billing; Cindy Stokes, RT Children’s Hem/Onc; Jean Day, Ambulatory OR; Angela Washington, EVS; Jennifer Carullo, ART Card/Vasc/Surgery; Theresa Ringold, Venipuncture; Debra Nelson, EVS; Lisa Truelove, ART MSICU; Angela Richards, Psychiatry; John Davie, Radiology; Robert Gregowicz, Autopsy Pathology; George Rossi, Pastoral Care & Education; April Lovorn, STICU; CJ Kopeck, STICU; Krystal Haynes, Venipuncture; and Rosie Smith, MUHA Human Resources

Vickie Chapman, Dental Faculty Practice; Denise Clark, OCIO Endpoint Security Team; Kenneth Ford, Engineering & Facilities; Darlene Hodgkins, Dental Faculty Practice; Zack Huggins; College of Dental Medicine; Gerri Jones, Parking Management; Jason Just, Engineering & Facilities; Elizabeth Pilcher, Dental Faculty Practice; Angela Pinckney, Dental Faculty Practice; Patrick (Eddie) Wellman, Engineering & Facilities and Alvinia Wilson, Dental Faculty Practice

October 30, 2014



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