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MUHA Employee and Physician of the Month


Liz Williams
Bone Marrow Transplant Program

“The Radiation Injury Treatment Network provides comprehensive evaluation and treatment for victims of radiation exposure or other marrow toxic injuries. Quality coordinator Liz Williams led the first RITN partnership with MUSC along with the BMT Medical director Robert Stuart, M.D. She has invested an enormous amount of time to successfully ensure the RITN program was implemented correctly while maintaining 100 percent of her other job requirements. Liz was instrumental in building the correct structure to address facility communication, response elements and victim management. MUSC is at the forefront to serve the community for national emergencies related to radiation exposure due to the preparation efforts. Our institution participates in national drills with multiple hospitals across the country and the emergency preparation events are orchestrated with vast coordination skills by Liz Williams. The hospital emergency teams were very impressed with how Liz articulated the MUSC emergency plans during our live RITN webinar drill with twenty nationally recognized transplant centers. She has superb organization, communication and critical thinking strengths. Annually, Liz presents at the BMT Education Conference to inform staff about the RITN program. MUSC was officially granted the Blue Distinction Center Plus designation which will now allow many patients with Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance to obtain health care coverage for cord, blood or stem cell transplants. Blue Cross did not grant this designation initially but it came to the spotlight after Liz used her analytic abilities to recognize the insurance company’s error where the outcome data had not been properly calculated. She corrected the issue after analyzing the information which helped MUSC achieve this first time designation goal that the team has been diligently working to attain. MUSC is now the only hospital in the country to have earned this prestige designation with BCBS for the combined adult/pediatric program. The recognition is based on quality outcomes and MUSC can now serve more customers in the Blue Cross Blue Shield, Blue Distinction Networks. We commend Liz for her outstanding services, and we appreciate her continuous improvements that lead to a higher standard of excellence for our institution.
Nominated by Cindy Kramer


Jeffrey Ethridge
Clinical Neurophysiology

“My first impression of Jeff was that he was a dedicated and hardworking individual and has since then lived up to the impression and even exceeded it. Jeff stands out from everyone by always creating a positive environment that promotes respect and integrity. He thanks each and every one of us when we do work. Sometimes even with a chocolate bar! My personal favorite! He delivers expected service to patients and to his colleagues by always having a warm and cheerful attitude. He is highly valued by our patients, because he is always going above and beyond for them; even if it’s just to provide them with something as simple as a listening ear or a shoulder to cry on. I think Jeff is worthy of being employee of the year because he is a shining example of what we strive to be in this department.”

“On Friday July 18, my patient’s health was declining. I had to call two METS on him. Prior to the second MET being called on him, he was placed on VEEG monitoring. The nurse who I was training received a call from the VEEG technician (I believe his name was Jeff) that the patient was having a seizure. We immediately entered the room, and the patient was convulsive. He was also turning blue. We were able to immediately suction and apply oxygen, called a MET, and sent the patient to NSICU. I believe the physician stated the patient was in status epilepticus. I believe the promptness of the call from VEEG, and our promptness in response to the notification, saved the patient’s life. Thank you for all that you do. You truly make a difference. The patient is now back on 9 East and talking to us.”
Submitted by Toni Mullins


Phillip Middleton

“We had an issue printing prescriptions from Epic at Hollings Cancer Center. Particular prescriptions which were mapped by Epic to print on particular printers due to the nature of those types of medications, were causing enormous problems in the clinic setting. The special printers were not working correctly and as these meds were “mapped by Epic” to print on these special printers, there was nothing we could do at the user level to fix the situation. Once MUSC decided it was no longer necessary to use “special blue paper”, for the prescription mentioned, it was also no longer necessary to use those printers. I finally spoke with Philip Middleton who took the time to listen to what I was saying and get a real understanding for the huge problem this actually was for us. Not only did Philip listen, but he scheduled an appointment with me to walk to HCC and see the problems for himself. Together, we were able to gather information. Philip worked on his side to “re–map” all the workstations so those special prescriptions would print to the commonly used printers for all other printing needs at each and every workstation. This has been a tremendous help to all of the Hollings Clinics, management, physicians, nurses, CMA’s, patients, etc.”
Nominated by Stephanie Greiner

Physician of the Month Award

Eddie Kilb, M.D.
Pulmonary, Critical Care, Allergy & Sleep Medicine

“I was recently called to a MET on the floor where Dr. Kilb has  exemplified professionalism, expertise and compassion. It was a difficult situation where the patient’s resident physician was concerned with which MET criteria was being met opposed to focusing on the patient.
Dr. Kilb quickly redirected the focus to the patient and ordered appropriate interventions while remaining calm and direct. Once the patient was stable, Dr. Kilb explained to the floor RN’s as well as the patient’s resident how important it was to call a MET when they saw changes that warranted help. He further explained what a great resource the MET team is and that we were always there to help. He was also proactive taking the opportunity to teach the resident an approach that would be more beneficial to the patient and the health care professionals.
Dr. Kilb exemplifies the kind of doctor that patients, nurses, and fellow physicians recognize as an outstanding role model.
Nominated by Brooke Kiser


October 12, 2014



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