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MUHA Communications Corner - Town Hall follow up to your questions

The most recent MUSC Medical Center Town Hall meetings were held in late September and early October. These meetings are an important part of the Medical Center’s efforts to make sure that employees are well informed and involved. The meetings are not only an opportunity to hear directly from senior leaders but also to ask questions and share ideas. Thank you to all employees who attended or viewed the town halls sessions.

Following recommendations from the Communications Advisory Group, we hosted a follow–up employee forum where all employees were invited to ask questions that they may not have been able to ask during the town hall sessions. Here are some of the questions and answers from both the town hall sessions and the follow-up employee Q&A forum:

Questions about the New Children’s Hospital and Women’s Pavilion

How many beds will be in the new hospital?    

How many ORs will be in the new hospital?    
10 for Children’s and two for Women’s

What is the plan for the current CH once the new hospital opens?    
It may be backfilled with offices, and perhaps clinical space, if reasonable. There is a third phase of building planned wherein a new adult hospital will be built. This is approximately 15 years down the road.

Where will the Peds ED be located?    
In the new Children’s and Women’s Hospital

Will there be a crosswalk between ART and the new hospital?    

Will there be an ambulance entrance at the new Children’s and Women’s Hospital?    
Yes.  We will continue to have our normal ambulance services. The entrance will be at the Pediatric Emergency Department.

Will there be transporters and valet parking at the new CH/WP?    

Will there be a parking garage added for the new Children’s Hospital and Women’s Pavilion?    
No. We currently lease spots to Roper Hospital. By the time the new Children’s Hospital opens, the lease with Roper will have expired, and many spots will become available.

Questions about Renovation and construction

What is the time frame for seventh floor ART renovations?    
Construction will begin in January 2015 with a goal of a 40–bed oncology unit being complete by September 2015.

What is happening to the old bank lot?    
It is now a parking lot.  

Will the Family Medicine building be demolished and made into a parking lot?    
No, it will be utilized by those currently at McClellan Banks. It will be used for non–clinical purposes.

Questions about Parking

Can we do anything about the potholes in the Hagood parking lot?
Medical Center administration is working with Charleston County on this issue.

What will happen with the Hagood parking lot?   
In the next few years, a garage will be built on one side of the lot. Additional parking will be provided to employees during construction.

Are there plans for parking for people within walking distance?    
Closer parking and off–hours parking is part of a 3– to–5–year plan. Part of the Horizon project is to also build bridges over Hagood and the Crosstown.
Adult ED parking lot suggestions:

  • block off parking lot from foot traffic – make them use sidewalks
  • make buses pull up so they do not block the entrance to parking lot.

Medical Center administration is looking into this.

Additional Questions and Concerns

What issues are the state lobbyists advocating for?    
The issues are determined by an advisory group led by MUSC President David Cole. An agenda will be released in early 2015. Examples from 2014’s agenda:   

  • Uninsured and underinsured patients
  • The new Children’s Hospital
  • Telehealth

Are we ready for Ebola patients if we admit any?    
Yes. Please visit our intranet site for additional information.

Can Pharmacy hours be extended – earlier open time or later closing time – for those working night shift? Open at 7 a.m. or stay open until 6:30 p.m.?    
The pharmacy will reassess its hours. In the meantime, the pharmacy offers prescription mail delivery through the post office. Prescriptions can be mailed to home or office six days a week. Packages need to be signed for insurance auditing purposes. This convenience is available to MUSC staff and patients and may be an option to help employees who are not on campus during current pharmacy hours.

Can we add more buses at prime times such as 6:30 to 8:30 a.m. and 3:30 to 5:30 p.m.?    
Medical Center administration has a scheduled meeting with Parking Management to discuss additional parking needs.

What will be done for those who have reached their max in pay but continue to receive excellent evaluations?   
As we continue to do well financially, we can resolve this issue. We are committed to this. Pay bands were changed in May, but this did not help everyone.

From whom and where does “The Buzz” come from?   
“The Buzz” comes from the Communications Advisory Group, which is an employee focus group that meets monthly. You may visit the MUSC Excellence website for a list of members.

Are there any future plans to educate staff on active shooters? The organization is consulting with the FBI, SLED, etc, on a seven–part initiative. They will visually map out the campus and do a preparedness assessment. There will also be a CATTS module for training and onsite training in the next six to nine months.

Will there be changes with the new MUSC Health Plan?    
Not this year

December 11, 2014



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