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MUHA Employees of the Month

Chad Gibbs
Pediatric Radiology

“I just wanted to take the time to commend an employee in the Pediatric Radiology Department. His name is Chad.

My son Sterling Coaxum was having a Fluoro Peds Barium Enema and I was totally nervous about it because I knew Sterling would be apprehensive about having it done. The Friday before the procedure when I scheduled it, I had so many questions and concerns about the overall process mainly because I am a very over – protective mother. Chad was very patient with me and answered every single question I had, even the ones that other people would have probably thought were crazy questions. I think I called him twice because I was just that anxious about Sterling’s comfort level throughout the procedure. He never seemed irritated with my questions and he didn’t rush me off the phone.

That evening when I explained the process to my husband I told him I was so confident by what the gentleman from radiology told me that Sterling would be okay that I was actually not going to even go to the appointment. I was just going to let my husband take him. Needless to say I am grateful that I changed my mind and went because I got to meet Chad and see his kindness expressed in person while caring for my son that day. When I saw him I thought to myself this young man is going to say “Oh goodness you’re the crazy lady from Friday with all those questions.” However, he offered multiple times to answer more questions for us if we had any. He took the time to explain to Sterling step by step what was going to happen and I could tell Sterling trusted him and felt relaxed.

Throughout the whole process Chad went above and beyond the call of duty and displayed MUSC Excellence at its very best and I applaud him for that! (Came from an Applause card submission).”
Nominated by Antoinette Coaxum

Carolyn Kay
RT Neurology

“Carolyn is our nurse on RT9 serving the neuromuscular and stroke service. As you can imagine, we take care of a special patient population with multiple physical and emotional needs with diagnoses such as ALS, muscular dystrophy and stroke. Carolyn always greets the patients with a smile on her face and the patients have come to know her by name and look forward to seeing her each visit.

Additionally, Carolyn has never used the term “that is not my job” and always goes above and beyond. Most days she is the only nurse on RT9 and completes the triaging on her own.

She additionally will make patient phone calls and helps with patient orders and patient admissions. She has never complained about working late. One afternoon she and I were the only team on the floor and had two admissions and a very busy clinic. She stayed with me until 6:30 p.m. to help make sure patients were safely transported to the hospital and maintained  calmness.

She helps those around her stay positive even in difficult situations and clinic would be much more difficult without her.”
Nominated by Carrie Smith

Hazel Washington
Medical Records

“Hazel has been a valued employee of MUSC since 1996 and in Health Information Services since 2000. I know of no one who takes her job more seriously. In the role as Birth Clerk she literally runs down dads to get their acknowledgement of paternity.

But Hazel sees this as her contribution to the welfare of each child born at MUHA. Recently, as I was walking back from an off–site meeting, I saw Hazel waiting in the Horseshoe. Along came a car, a young man got out — who she then greeted — and had him sign the paperwork. Clearly, she had arranged to meet this father to get him to sign the DHEC Paternity Acknowledgement form.

Whatever it takes is her motto. In the past few months, the tireless efforts of Hazel have paid off. MUHA has improved from a 38 percent compliance rate, which is very common in S.C., to 54 percent, aligning us as a top performer.

Hazel is very deserving of Employee of the Month.”
Nominated by PJ Floyd

December 11, 2014



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