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The Catalyst

MUSC Diversity & Inclusion's Engagement

By Willette S. Burnham, Ph.D. and Joan M. Herbert, R.N., M.S.
MUSC Diversity & Inclusion co-chairs


Welcome to MUSC Diversity and Inclusion’s new quarterly column in The Catalyst called “Engagement.”

During the past six months, more than 150 diverse members of the MUSC student body and workforce have worked to develop the organization’s inaugural Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Plan.  

As we move into the implementation phase, this column is designed to keep every member of the MUSC community engaged and informed regarding our goals, milestones, challenges, and opportunities related to the enterprisewide diversity and inclusion strategies outlined in the plan.

By design, the plan creates a reasonable, ambitious and imperative compilation of goals and strategies critical for developing long-term sustainable outcomes and incrementally gauging success. The success of this plan will allow MUSC to become a model for culturally-sensitive care that will be enjoyed by our patients here, as well as future patients of our graduates, wherever they practice.

Every quarter the column will provide updates from each of the four implementation teams and with a means to keep you informed of the many existing and new opportunities that MUSC is engaging in with both internal and external constituents to promote diversity and inclusion.

As we launch this column, we invite you to visit our website: Here you can review the Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Plan, which includes 12 objectives, 44 strategies and 87 milestones that will be executed during the implementation phase. The website is evolving and features our diversity and inclusion purpose, definitions, best practices and resources.  

We know our work has just begun and we humbly ask every member of the MUSC community to participate in its success by holding each other accountable for modeling our stated values honoring the principles of excellence and equity.

To read about MUSC's Diversity and Inclusion efforts, visit

As chairs of the Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Plan committee, we are proud of the work that has transpired and humbly thank the incredible team of MUSC students, faculty and staff from across the enterprise who worked tirelessly to achieve this outcome.

As we embark upon this new pathway we are reminded that our legacy has not always been one that models inclusion and equity. However, over the past two decades, the Medical University has fostered a range of successful initiatives to promote diversity and inclusion within and across all sectors of our enterprise.

We are also reminded that we have an opportunity to build on this momentum through greater coordination and planning with the Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Plan implementation teams and your continuous engagement.

December 7, 2014



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