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MUSC Employee Applause

The following employees received recognition through the Applause Program for going the extra mile:

Medical Center
Moya McFadden, Radiology; Michelle Vareltzis, Radiology; Jennifer Honeycutt, MeduFlex Team; Gay Martin, Radiology;
Lisa Dooley, Radiology; Brenda Campbell, Outpatient Registration; Shunvella Lee, Outpatient Registration; Angela Franklin, Radiology; Whitney Graybill, Obstetrics-Gynecology; Betsy Reid, Medical Records; Taylor Burgess, Control Unit; Brandy Olson, Guest Services; Catina Williams, ART 4 East; Cindy Ferguson, DDC; Catherine Claro, ART 6 West; Karen Adams, ART Pre-Op Surgery; Connie Whitmire, CCU; Jessica Hardy, Women’s Services; Chiffvon Washington, GI Clinic; Cephus Simmons, Radiology; Vicky Crawford, ART PACU; Gabriele Powel, ART PACU; John Toole, Department of Surgery; Brenda Brown, HVC; Monterris Junes, Outpatient Registration; Kate Ryan, ART GI Clinic; Stefanie Owczarski, Department of Surgery; Romica Stephens, Registration Admin; Terra Kirkwood, RT Children’s Lab Support; Loberta Gibbs, ART DDSL; Charlie Smith, Pharmacy; Michelle Hudspeth, Pediatrics Hem/Onc; Danny Williams, Safety & Security; Jennifer Redfern, Child Life; Sandra Buck, RT Urology Clinic; Indrea Singleton, Revenue Cycle Operations; Sharon Dupree-Capers, Revenue Cycle Operations; Julie Blair,    Speech Pathology; Annie Williams, Amb Preop Clinic; Charles Greenberg,Hematology/Oncology;Tronya Johnson; Hollings Clinics; Sadie Burke, 7 West; Megan Ripley, Women’s Services; Ana Rosa Virella, Women’s Services; Gweneth Lazenby, Obstetrics-Gynecology; Ernest White, Environmental Service; Ashley Smith, 8D; Ali Golden, Storm Eye Institute; Arem Hernandez, Medical Records; Melyssa Smith, HVC; Justin Ravenel; Guest Services; Haley Pollack, PACU; Emily Eling, Meduflex Team; Megan Summers, Meduflex Team; Megan Minnich, STNICU; Amy DePriest, Women’s Care Services; Libby Yee, Emergency Department; Melvena Nelson, Environmental Services; Tara Parker, Total Joint Replacement Center; Veronica Bello-Ogunu, 6 East; Joanna Fleming, Physical Therapy; Benjamin Woodhouse, Pediatrics – 7 East; Mary Perkings, PCICU; Sarah Francisco; Meduflex Team; Layne Umberger, Child Life; Anne Redick, 2JRU; Vicky Lennen, 2JRU; Cheri Mikell, Storm Eye Institute; Pamela Kinlock, North Are Specialty Clinic; Alisha Hinz, STNICU; Lequandra Royal, Environmental Services; Janet Simmons, Amb PACU; Eva Cuenca, Amb PACU; Betty Pace, Amb PACU; Sandra Smalls, Amb PACU; Lynn Sweatman, Amb PACU; Melanie Feaster, Amb PACU; Eanna Aaron, Social Work Program; Karen Hoover, Pharmacotherapy Clinic; Brooke Marshall, Hollings Clinics; Chirstina Carson, Hollings Clinics; Sarah Mathes, 7 West; Jackie Whelan, Family Medicine James Island; Tammy Burleson, Family Medicine James Island: Ann Ginn, Family Medicine James Island: Kelsey Strawn, PICU; and Christa Schultz, RT Outpatient Pharmacy

Andy Anderson, OCIO; Lisa Beattie, Human Resources Management; Stephanie Brown, Parking Management; Greg Buck, Gastroenterology & Hepatology; Evola Dawson, Parking Management; Monica Eberhardt, Pediatric Dentistry; Patrice Gordon, Human Resources Management; and

December 7, 2014



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