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Students recognize excellence in outstanding faculty

By J. Ryne Danielson
Public Relations

Winners of the 2014 Gold Apple Awards are Dr. Donna Kern, from left, Dr. Deborah Deas, Dr. Laura Kasman, Inda Johnson, Dr. Paul McDermott, Dr. Benjamin Kalivas, Dr. Stephanie Montgomery, Gabrielle Redding, Ruth Fortini and Dr. Debra Hazen-Martin. photo by Tim Roylance, Digital Imaging

Each year the MUSC chapter of the American Medical Student Association and the College of Medicine hold the Golden Apple Awards to recognize outstanding faculty at MUSC.

“We stand on the shoulders of our teachers,” said Deborah Deas, M.D., interim dean of the College of Medicine, who presented a lecture in memory of Robert P. Walton, a pioneering physician, scientist and teacher who joined MUSC in 1942.

Deas shared her favorite story about Dr. Walton. “One day he was walking by a lecture room and saw students milling about in the corridor,” Deas said. “He questioned them, and they told him the lecturer was ill. Dr. Walton asked the topic and proceeded to give the lecture just as well as if he had come prepared for it.”

“Like Dr. Walton,” Deas continued, “your teachers are extremely dedicated and they labor to prepare you to be the next generation of competent, compassionate physicians who will impact many lives.”
First–year awards were presented by Travis Benzing, president of the class of 2017. The faculty award winner was Paul McDermott, Ph.D., Department of Medicine. The student body award winner was Inda Johnson, M.Ed., Education Division, Dean’s Office.

Second–year awards were presented by Taylor Hughes, president of the class of 2016. The faculty award winner was Laura Kasman, Ph.D., Department of Microbiology and Immunology. The student body award winner was Gabrielle Redding, Student Affairs Division, Dean’s Office.

Clinical–year awards were presented by Dil Patel, president of the class of 2015. The faculty award winner was Stephanie Montgomery, M.D., Department of Surgery. The house staff award winner was Benjamin Kalivas, M.D., Department of Medicine. The student body award winner was Ruth Fortini, Department of Surgery.

An award of special appreciation was presented to Debra Hazen-Martin, Ph.D., and Donna Kern, M.D., for the work they do behind the scenes in developing and implementing the basic science and clinical science curricula.

December 29, 2014



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