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Research talent gathers for MUSC Research Day 2014

After a day of poster and oral presentations and judging, the winners of the 2014 Perry V. Halushka Student Research Day gatherered Nov. 14 at the Drug Discovery auditorium to be recognized. Monetary awards were presented to the first and second place regular session winners. Sigma Xi, Interprofessional Research, VA Research, Health Dispairities, Innovation and Clinical Research Ethics Awards also had their own cash prizes for winners. photo by Mary Mauldin, ITFR

The 49th annual Perry V. Halushka 2014 MUSC Research Day gathered some of the Lowcountry’s foremost research talent at the Wellness Center Gym and Drug Discovery Building, Nov. 13 to Nov. 14.  
Each fall, MUSC Research Day is open to all students, postdoctoral residents and fellows on campus, as well as other statewide and national institutions, who participated over the past year in research programs at MUSC.

The event’s kick-off featured a keynote address presented by Karl Deisseroth, M.D., Ph.D., the D.H. Chen Professor of Bioengineering and of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Stanford University.  He also is an investigator with the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. Deisseroth, who is a member of the Institute of Medicine and National Academy of Sciences, spoke about his research progress in developing optical tools for precise, high-resolution investigation of intact biological systems and the use of optogenetics, a technique developed by Deisseroth that uses light to control the activity of the brain and mental health conditions.  

MUSC ENT Clinical Research team members Dr. Shaun A. Nguyen, left, joins Dr. Marc P. Camilon and other presenters during the event. photos by Anne Thompson, Digital Imaging

Perry V. Halushka, M.D., Ph.D., Distinguished University Professor and dean emeritus of the College of Graduate Studies, and for whom the event was named, attended this year’s activities.

“I had a chance to view and interact with a large number of students at their posters or oral presentations. I was extremely impressed with the quality of the research that was presented and would say that it is some of the best that I have seen at our annual research day,” said Halushka. “A special thanks goes to Dr. Kubalak for his tireless efforts to organize the research day.”

The winners are:

Harper Student Center Gym for the poster sessions that took place between 8:30 a.m. to noon on Nov. 14. Posters were judged in 11 total categories from undergraduate; clinical/professional/masters (four levels); Ph.D. (three levels); Postdoc/Resident/Fellow/Staff Scientist (two levels) and Research Specialist/Technician.

Undergraduate Poster I
— First place: Patrick M. Pallitto; second place: Vaibhav Mohanty
Clinical/Professional/Masters Poster I — First place: Kelly P. Callahan; second place: Jonathan D. Wagner
Clinical/Professional/Masters Poster II
— First place: Michael Sarson; second place: Ravi Patel
Clinical/Professional/Masters Poster III — First place: Christopher Xiao; second place: Brooke D. King
Clinical/Professional/Masters Poster IV — First place: Kelsey D. Wilson; second place: Chenchen Costelloe
PhD Poster I
— First place: Emilie Rosset; second place: Logan T. Dowdle
PhD Poster II — First place: Allessandra Metelli; second place: Ryan R. Kelly
PhD Poster III
— First place: Bethany A. Herbert (Kinard Gadsden Award); second place: Sarah Stephenson
Postdocs/Residents/Fellow/Staff Scientist Poster I
— First place: Lindsay T. McDonald; second place: Yuvaraj Sambandam
Postdocs/Residents/Fellow/Staff Scientist Poster II
— First place: Nandita Nadig; second place: Ala Jalil
Research Specialist/Technician I
— First place: Oliver J. Mithoefer; second place: Alexandra E. Serpe
Undergraduate Oral II
— First place: Emily Moore; second place: John M. Gehris
Clinical-Professional-Masters Oral V
— First place: Hassieb A. Din; second place: Daniel Taraskiewicz
Clinical/Professional/Masters Oral VI
— First place: Matthew C. Sherrier; second place: Victoria Lybrand
Clinical/Professional/Masters Oral VII
— First place: Katherine R. Walter; second place: Marshall M. Diven
PhD Oral IV — First place: Jacob Bowers; second place: Jamie L. Speiser
PhD Oral V
— First place: April Cox (Eric James Award); second place: Caroline H. Wallace
PhD Oral VI
—First place: C. Bryce Johnson (Willard & Betty Peterson Award); second place: Jennifer L. Scott
Postdoc/Residents/Fellow/Staff Scientist Oral III — First place: Mara Lennard; second place: Michelle H. Nelson
PhD Oral VI
—First place: C. Bryce Johnson (Willard & Betty Peterson Award); second place: Jennifer L. Scott

Innovation award winner Angela Alexander-Bryant, center, accepts her award from Graduate Studies professor Dr. John Vournakis and Interim Dean Dr. Jacqueline McGinty.

Special Awards
Innovation Award — First place: Angela A. Alexander-Bryant; second place: Kelly R. Anderson
Sigma Xi
— First place oral: Abby M. Wenzel; first place poster: Theresa M. Cantu
— First place: Christian Finetto (poster); second place: Chih-Ying Li (presentation)
Health Disparities Poster
— First place: Meredith A. Alger; second place: Abby M. Wenzel
Health Disparities Oral
— First place: Caroline M. West; second place: Taylor N. Hutt
VA Medical Center Oral
— First place: Ludivine Renaud; second place: Aarti Narang
VA Medical Center Poster — First place: Ryan Kelly; second place: Craig Kutz
VA Medical Center Rehabilitation Research — Kelly Callahan

Special thanks to the MUSC Research Day Committee: Steven Kubalak, Christopher Davies, Teri-Lynn Herbert, Paul Jacques, Teresa Kelechi, Susan Reed, Yuri Peterson, Stephanie Brown-Guion, Rachel Weber and Audrey Padula

December 5, 2014



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