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MUSC Employee Applause

The following employees received recognition through the Applause Program for going the extra mile:

Medical Center
Elice Graham, Medical Records; Cheryl Griswold, EVS; Keith Hill, Radiology; Marsha Cisa, Clinical Documentation; Patti Nickerson, ART CCU; Sonita Mom, ART CCU; Melissa Dutton, Nuclear Medicine; Beverly McFarland, Respiratory Therapy; Kelly Lewis, Radiology; George Williams,Biomedical Engineering; Jessica Johnson, Safety & Security; Tess Morris, Hollings Clinics; Allan Perry , OCIO; Brian Allenspach, OCIO; Pam Albright, Hollings BMT; Glenn Coltharp, MUSC Sleep Lab; Madonna Web, Meduflex Team; Lindsay Waters, PCICU; Brenten Weeks, After Hours Care; Cassandra Gathers, Recycle Revenue Admin; Barbara Busby, Volunteer & Guest Services; Korri Locke, Recycle Revenue Admin; Ella Robinson, Hollings Registration; Nicole Wrazin, Hollings Clinics; Caroline Martin, Radiology; Moya McFadden, Radiology; Steve Chin, Hematoloty/Oncology; Tess Morris, Hollings Cancer Center; Jessica Holmes, RT Children’s Services Registration; Darryl Lee, Revenue Cycle; Mimi Sohn, Neurology; Beth Crawford, DDC; Labertha Washington, Venipuncture; Paul Lambert, Head & Neck Surgery; Terra Kirkwood, RT Children’s Services; Joann Thomason, Laboratory Services; Christina Tepatti, ART 6West; T. Karl Byrne, Surgery; Darrian Epps, ART 6West; Shalonda Barker, ART 6East; Misty Kahmke, ART 6West; Patty Donoho, ART 6East; Caitlin Molony, ART 6West; Susan Gay, Women’s Services; Theresa Stephens, ART 6West; Jonathan Bean, Residents Oral Surgery; Jessica Giordano, 8West; Emily Margart, 10West; Brett Green, 10West;Sonja Muckenfuss, Children’s Hospital Administration; Frank Hoyland, SleepCenter; Glennie Davis, Patient Transportation; Helen Schroer, DDC; Christina Vaughan, Neurology; Bessie Grant, Women’s Services – Antepartum; Sandra Fokes, Women’s Services –Antepartum; Pamela McGrew, Women’s Services–Antepartum;Deborah Geard, Meduflex; Carmela McCarthy, 8East; Tracy Floyd, Women’s Services; Chris Wieters, ART 4E; Chadrick Denlinger, Surgery; Bret Johnson, ART 4E; Susan Holliday, GI Clinic; Shatora Williams, GI Clinic; Kathy Lanter, ART CCU; Peggy Edgerton, DDC; Christina Moore, DDC; Kathy Bredenberg, GI Clinic; Hannah Elder, ART MedSurg Registration; Sally Shields, Women’s Services; Rebecca Oliver, Women & Infant Services; Susan Ramage, Volunteer & Guest Services; Valerie Weeks, Volunteer & Guest Services; Coco Dumont, Volunteer & Guest Services; Allison Bilton, ART 4 East; Krutesha Prime, ART 3West; Nancy Brooks, ART 5W; Acina Greene, Women’s Services; Mary Weeks; Storm Eye Institute; Deborah Cepeda,Revenue Cycle; Dina Epstein, 6East; Thomas Keane, Urology Services; Sherri Mixon, MedSurg Registration; Metzfe Sulyma, 10 West; Fred Scruggs, 10West; Jaclyn Murphy, 10West; Christine Miller, 6West; Terri Michi, Family Medicine; Ashley Boehm, Physical Therapy; Jessica Weber, Laboratory Services; Angela Franklin, Radiology; Allison Brown, RTNeurosurgery & Spine; Jennifer Wood, Hollings Cancer Center; Talaesia Jennings,Scheduling; Holli Hoagland, Radiology; Kellie Adogy; Michelle Vareltzis, Radiology; Jamie Nelson, EC CH After Hours Care; Jessica Hernandez, EC CH After Hours Care; Jennifer Harshman, Newborn Special Care Nursery; Megan Goldston, Newborn Special Care Nursery; Amanda James, MICU; Carolyn Cleveland, Environmental Services; Cassandra Dickerson, Revenue Cycle; Michelle Turner, Women’s Services; Dorothy Weiss, ART 6West; Caitlin Moore, ART 6 West; Jennie Nguyen, ART 6West; Charity Berg, ART 6West; Tanya Thompson, Acute Directional Unit; Angela Moultrie,RT Children’s Services Registration; Justin Ravenel,Volunteer & Guest Services; Yvonne Brown, Environmental Services; Christopher Harmon, ART 5East; Patty Howenstine, MeduflexTeam; Delores Dobson,Venipuncture; Amelia Hinchcliff, Women’s Services; and Jeffery Bassett, Chest Pain Center


Jonathan Coulter, Instructional Technology & Faculty Resources; Peggy Cunningham, Accounts Payable; Lisa Fowler, Dental Faculty Practice; Shirquita Johnson, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Clinic; Jonathan Katz, Orthopedic Surgery; Ryan Nobles, Anesthesia & Perioperative Medicine; Walter Renne, DMD, Dental Faculty Practice; and Brenda Walker, OCIO-Information Services

February 27, 2014

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