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MUSC Employee of the Month Award

Kendall Grady, North Charleston After Hours Care

Bethany Knox, North Charleston After Hours Care

“This nomination involves a PA, LPN, and Tech were involved, all of which I’d like to be nominated for Employee of the Month. We are new to the area and do not have insurance coverage until Oct. 1. My three–year–old daughter was complaining of pain when going to the bathroom and we took her to the clinic in North Charleston. I don’t even know where to begin or how to say exactly how wonderful the staff there was. Since we don’t have insurance we paid the required down payment and then were prescribed antibiotics. After calling the Walgreens in our area we found out the med prescribed was going to be $105 for the generic. I called back the clinic and the woman I spoke with was so super helpful. She talked to the PA and then had us ask about another med. She also mentioned the Publix free prescription list and then went as far to research the Publix close to our house, call them for the hours and see if the med was available. She then called me back to let me know and told me the price of the original med at Publix and let us know the alternative prescribed was FREE. We are from Illinois outside Chicago and this is something that you rarely if EVER see up there. Someone willing to go out of their way to help you. I am so impressed with the staff there and how wonderful they were to us and our daughter. Just amazing. My sister recommended the clinic to us as she is from here and had nothing but good things to say and I’m so glad we chose to take our daughter to your clinic. Thank you so much again and I didn’t quite catch the woman’s name that helped me on the phone but our PA’s name was Kinsey E. Knight. She was just wonderful...everyone there was. I cannot say enough good things about this clinic! Thank you so much!
Nominated by Meredith Strehle

Frank Hoyland, Sleep Lab
“During the month of October, I received 10 Applause cards from patients for Frank. He has gone above and beyond in ensuring thorough patient education and understanding.

Specific patient comments include: “Very good about explaining the CPAP machine and making certain I was comfortable wearing the mask. He is relaxed, confident and creates a sense of calmness in patients.” “He explained what apnea is in layman’s terms.” “He could explain a lot more because he wears a CPAP himself.” “By telling me his personal experience I was less afraid.” “Frank was very friendly and put me at ease while preparing me for the procedure. He also explained the things he was doing and answered all of my questions.”

This is just a small example of the positive feedback from Frank’s patients, but these experiences are what keep patients coming back. Frank shows passion, empathy, and understanding.  He demonstrates MUSC Excellence every day. 
Nominated by Amanda McGarrigle

February 7, 2014

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