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MUSC letter of appreciation

Dear MUSC Colleagues:
On behalf of the entire MUSC community, we express our deep appreciation for the extraordinary efforts of many of you during the recent ice storm. We are grateful for your willingness to disrupt your personal lives, remain on-site with little or no rest, and work long hours.
 All organizational components of MUSC worked in unison to minimize disruption of operations. As we learn of difficulties encountered by other communities from the storm, we take a measure of pride in the community that is MUSC and its ability to come together during times of need.
 Thank you again for demonstrating your commitment to MUSC and our mission.

Mark S. Sothmann, PhD
Interim President and Vice President
for Academic Affairs and Provost

Patrick J. Cawley, M. D.,
Executive Director

CEO, Medical Center
Vice President for Clinical Operations/University

Stephen A. Valerio
Chief Executive Officer, MUSC Physicians

February 7, 2014

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