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Digestive Disease Center nurse honored with DAISY award

February 2014 DAISY award winner Jennie Nguyen, R.N.

The February DAISY (disease attacking the immune system) award winner is Jennie Nguyen, R.N., who works in the Digestive Disease Center of ART 6 West. Nguyen was nominated by a family member via ART 6 East/West assistant nurse manager Richard Majuer.

Below is her nomination:

“During a phone conversation with Mrs. B., she shared that her husband, Mr. B. (J.), was a liver patient on ART 6 West. Mrs. B called to make sure that I recognized how outstanding our staff on ART 6 West truly was. 'Jennie saved my husband’s life! J had given up he had actually told the doctors to take him off the transplant list, that he was tired of everything and was ready to die. J had lost all his faith in the doctors; Jennie is responsible for turning this around and saving his life by taking the time to listen to him and to talk to him. She made a huge impression on J and convinced him to continue to try and made him realize that he had more to live for. Jennie is the only reason that J agreed to stay on the transplant list for a liver and kidney. Without her, he would be dead right now. Jennie took the time to explain to J that she had four years’ experience and that there was hope for J. By Jennie taking the time to listen to my husband, she restored his faith and hope. Jennie made him promise that he would not give up. Jennie said all the right things that we needed to hear but did not provide any false hope. Not only did Jennie give J hope, but me as well.' By taking the extra time to listen to J, she saved his life by providing him with some faith and hope. Jennie is the reason that my husband is alive today.”

Each month, MUSC nurses are honored for their excellence with the DAISY Award. The award is part of the DAISY Foundation’s program recognizing nurses for their daily contributions in their jobs. To nominate a nurse, visit

March 14, 2014

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