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MUSC certified nurses day recognized

by Janet Byrne, R.N.
MICU nurse manager

Endoscopy nurses are among many of MUSC’s nurses who meet specialty certification in their work areas. Certified nurses include  Janice Freeman, left to right, Phyllis Malpas, Analina Bayag, Traci McClellan, Susan Rivers, Alida Dempsey, Faye Connor, Susan Holliday, R’Celle Boyd. Not pictured are Rebecca Middleton, Maureen Brooks and Robert C. Jones.  photo provided

MUSC celebrated National Certified Nurses Day, March 19, with cake receptions and celebrations in both the University hospital and Ashley River Tower. 

Through certification, nurses are able to validate nursing skills, knowledge, and abilities. Certification empowers nurses in their professional specialty and contributes to improved patient outcomes. As the hospital continues on its Magnet journey, there’s a need to bring awareness to certification and avenues to increase the certification rate among nursing staff.

Certified nurses have validated their knowledge, skills and competency in their area of expertise. MUSC recognizes and rewards specialty certifications through a certification incentive. The incentive is $750, a part of which the home department can pay in advance to cover the cost of the exam. Currently the MUSC nurse certification rate is at 58 percent steadily rising. In 2011, the goal was to increase the nurse certification rate by 5 percent annually. The hospital has far exceeded its goal.

If you know a nurse who is interested in a certification that's not currently approved, let a nurse manager know. They may request approval for additional certifications by completing a certification approval request form. Employees who earn certification will receive a badge and recognition letter commending their expertise.

March 27, 2014

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