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Overheard at MUSC

by John Washington
Public Relations

Exercise physiologist Brooke Yeager was honored as best practitioner in the 2013 National Respiratory Achievement Awards.  Photo provided

Brooke Yeager, M.Sc., R.R.T., an MUSC exercise physiologist and respiratory therapist who has been working at The South Carolina Clinical and Translational Research Center Research Nexus since April 2013.

Yeager has been awarded the best practitioner in the 2013 National Respiratory Achievement Awards. 

Performing, Teaching and Leading
Yeager obtained an advanced degree in her field in 2013. Her education and know-how are responsible for her success at both the Research Nexus and with the South Carolina Society for Respiratory Care, where she was recently named president–elect.

Yeager’s colleagues speak of her in the highest terms.

“Brooke Yeager has been instrumental in establishing the pulmonary function testing services for the Research Nexus. She has established excellent rapport with investigators and study teams that utilize the service. She came into the department as the only respiratory therapist and has worked diligently to set up the program, establishing standard operating procedures and working with investigators to provide the needed services as well as being an outstanding professional with the study participants. Utilization of the service continues to grow. She is an outstanding member of the Research Nexus Team,” said Karen E. Packard, R.N., Clinical Nurse Manager for the team.

Not one to rest on her laurels, Yeager continues to push herself.

"I wanted to continue to challenge myself professionally, and since I'd only been an R.T. for a short period of time, I thought pursuing my Master's was sort of the natural way to learn more about my chosen field and to advance both myself and the profession," said Yeager in a recent interview with advance.

While working in pulmonary rehabilitation, Yeager instituted the Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Education Program which teaches patients about their COPD and helps them understand and better deal with their disease. The program consists of a comprehensive12-week, classroom-style course that covers all aspects of COPD, from practical discussion points like basic energy conservation to more serious topics like family communication and do not resuscitate planning.

Yeager also helped create a mentoring program that is supported by SCRC.  Due to the time constraints facing young R.T.s, the courses were designed as an online database to help them in any area.  The curriculum consists of classes and research in several essential areas to ensure R.T.s remain up to speed on basic research and continued education. The database includes online courses related to subjects such as research methods; evaluating and understanding scientific literature; translating research; and the importance of evidence-based medicine.

"It's a pretty daunting task, and the first big hurdle was getting the board of the state society in my corner, but that turned out to be really easy," explained Yeager.

Yeager is setting a great example for future practitioners and demonstrating that MUSC is dedicated to improving the lives of patients. 


March 6, 2014

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