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James B. Edwards College of Dental Medicine Dental Scholars Day 2014

Judges Dr. Michael Schmidt, from left, and Dr. Gabriel Ingraham listen as students Jordan Hood and Jared Earl present their research during the poster presentations. Their work was featured as part of the Feb. 20 fourth annual James B. Edwards College of Medicine Dental Scholars Day.  photos by Anne Thompson, Digital Imaging

Junior Category
First Place — Rikki Winslow and Jessica Tabb
Second Place — Logan Barnes
Honorable Mentions — Courtney Holmes,Krista Anderson and Alison Foster; Kevin Jett; Kathryn Bowers and Jason Latham; Spencer Coomb and Matt Keckeisen; Courtney Peterson; Rick Furman and Dallas Kunkel; Chris Farish and Andrew Ponton; Lauren Kight and Haley Lindner; Danielle Guerrino and Karen Wolf

Postdoc Dr. Mrinmoyee Majumder explains details about her research to event judges Dr. Dennis Watson and Dr. Amy Bradshaw.

Senior Category
First Place — Xiaoyi Zhang
Second Place — Jessica Trombetta-eSilva
Third Place — David Sentelle

Postdoc Category
First Place — Michael Valerio
Second Place — Heidi Steinkamp
Third Place — Harinarayanan Janakiraman


The college would like to express appreciation to the following faculty for volunteering to serve as judges for the 4th Annual James B. Edwards College of Dental Medicine Scholars Day.

Junior Category — Monica Cayouette, Oral Rehabilitation; Robert Draughn, Oral Health Sciences; Max Gaston, Oral Rehabilitation; Theresa Gonzales, Stomatology; Lindsey Hamil, Stomatology; Gabriel Ingraham, Oral Rehabilitation; Peter Kobes, Oral Rehabilitation; Joe Krayer, Stomatology; Renata Leite, Stomatology; Stephen Malley, Oral Rehabilitation; Robert Neuner, Oral Rehabilitation; Jon Rampton, Oral Rehabilitation; Susan Reed, Pediatrics; William Ries, Stomatology; Carlos Salinas, Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics; Michael Schmidt, Microbiology and Immunology; Elizabeth Schuler, Oral Rehabilitation; and
Caroline Westwater, Oral Health Sciences

Dental Medicine Dean Dr. John Sanders, left, joins Dental Associate Dean for Research Dr. Keith Kirkwood, right, in welcoming the event’s keynote speaker, Dr. David T.W. Wong.

Senior/Postdoc/Junior Faculty Categories —
Amy Bradshaw, Cardiology; Courtney J. Haycraft, Oral Health Sciences; Viswanathan Palanisamy, Oral Health Sciences; Dennis Watson, Pathology & Laboratory Medicine; Natalie Sutkowski, Microbiology & Immunology

March 7, 2014

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