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The Catalyst

Meet Tim Kallgren

College of Medicine, fourth year


How you are changing what’s possible at MUSC  
Three of my classmates and I founded CHAMPS, a student group whose purpose is to encourage health care workers and students to develop healthy diet and exercise habits. If we as medical professionals intend to encourage our patients to adopt healthy lifestyles, we ought to be following our own recommendations first.

What specialty of medicine did you match recently
Emergency medicine at Carolinas Medical Center in Charlotte

Pets and their names
Lizzie is a Belgian shepherd mix. We also have a mutt puppy named Bear and 20 quail.

A unique talent you have
I fold clothes very, very precisely. I would say perfectly, but I admit that I'm only human.

Who in history would you most like to meet and why
Nebuchadnezzar from the Bible. I can’t figure that guy out.

What is your idea of a dream job
Being a professional snake catcher. No wait, I tried that already and hated it. So being an emergency medicine physician in a small town hospital and catching snakes in my free time.

The first thing you notice about a person
Whether or not they’re wearing anything that aligns them to a college football team and if so, which team?

Favorite place in the world
Williams-Brice stadium on a big game day. Especially one during the last the five years.





April 25, 2014






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