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MUSC Employees of the Month

Gus Katsanevakis,
ART Pharmacy

“My husband suffers from migraine and cluster headaches and requires both IM and by mouth medications when he is in a headache cycle to control the pain and be able to function at his work.  He usually uses a community pharmacy close to our home in Summerville, but has been having difficulty obtaining the regular supply of these drugs that have been prescribed for him.  As a nurse in the Children’s Hospital, I made numerous calls to MUSC’s three outpatient pharmacies on his behalf trying to locate a supply of these medications and had the good fortune to connect with Gus in the ART outpatient pharmacy. Gus was helpful and professional throughout several phone calls over the day as we tried to locate the correct medications, get the prescription transferred to MUSC, etc.  Gus obviously put customer service first, having a calm demeanor and displaying a knowledge base about the medications and ‘system’ and turning a frustrating experience into a successful outcome. When I met Gus in person in the pharmacy to pick up the meds, I was not surprised to see a busy pharmacy in action while hearing Gus on the phone and seeing him interacting with others in the same calm, courteous manner, putting the patient’s needs first.”
Nominated by Jill Evans

Lindsey Reynolds,
Neonatal ICU

“Lindsey is absolutely, hands down, the most amazing nurse I’ve ever met. I’m so comfortable leaving my precious daughter with her each night that I actually get a full night’s sleep when she works! Lindsey doesn’t just throw a bunch of medical terms at me and walk away but instead makes sure I know exactly what’s going on when it comes to the care my daughter needs every step of the way. Making me feel like part of the team rather than just the parent of a patient and her part of our family rather than just another nurse. Each night she works, all of her babies get a soothing bath, a clean change of clothes and fresh linens on their beds, instilling a routine even before their long and sometimes short waiting homecomings. The buck doesn’t stop there though. Lindsey also provides her own personal bought outfits and swaddle blankets as well as Johnson & Johnson’s Calming Night Time Wash for the whole nursery out of her pocket. We love Lindsey. She is the best at what she does.
Nominated by Ashley Dugah

Lori Tisdale,
After Hours Care, North Charleston

“Lori is an incredible nurse and I have learned so much from working with her. She always goes above and beyond, not only for her patients, but for fellow employees as well.  This week there was a patient she cared for who really stood out to me.  We had a young patient, here with her mother and grandmother, in our After Hours Clinic. During the triage process she learned that the child was a Sickle cell patient. Even though the patient was here for a complaint that was unrelated to her condition, while talking to the family Lori realized that the family was not very familiar with Sickle cell.  Even though the clinic was super busy she took the time to find education on Sickle cell for the family.  She highlighted key points that they needed to know when it came to caring for the patient. She then went over these with the family in detail and answered any questions that they had at the time. The family was very appreciative of her efforts, kindness, and compassion. Without this knowledge the patient could have had a very bad outcome had she become ill and the family had not known how to care for her or the true severity of her symptoms. I feel that sometimes the little things we do for our patients get overlooked when we get busy here at the After Hours Care, so I wanted to take this opportunity to recognize Lori for the amazing nurse that she is.”
Nominated by Jamie Phalen

Mary Washington,

“On Jan. 30, we had our last patient being seen by Dr. Cuoco. She had been having nose bleeds and was getting Lovenox as preparation for a procedure. Dr. Cuoco saw her in Clinic today based on a late triage. At 5:30 p.m., Dr. Cuoco requested a lab draw. I went to the lab and asked the techs to stay for this patient. However, when I took the patient to the lab, it was closed. Mary Washington, LPN, was in the lobby going to clock out with her purse in hand. Her husband was here and waiting to pick her up. When I explained the situation, Mary came back to the Clinic and drew the PT/INR on this patient. It was a very difficult stick and required approximately 20 minutes plus. The patient was alone and planned to catch a bus to go home in the city.  Mary, realizing this, offered for her and her husband to take the patient home. This is a wonderful example of our service pillar. She went over and above to meet the needs of this patient, plus made sure she got home safely. Thank you Mary for putting our patient first.”
Nominated by Martha Holmes and Jennifer Carullo

April 4, 2014

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