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MUSC presidents present award to first recepient


MUSC’s interim president Dr. Mark Sothmann, left to right, gathered with president-elect Dr. David Cole, John Chalsty, prominent Charleston philanthropist and first recipient of the Ben Marino Heart Award, and past presidents Drs. Ray Greenberg and James B. Edwards. The inaugural award was presented to Chalsty on April 25 at Middleton Place. Approximately $115,000 was raised at the celebratory luncheon to benefit the Docs Adopt school program. The award was named for Ben Marino who was a dedicated member of the MUSC Heart and Vascular Center Board of Directors until he passed away in 2011. The Docs Adopt program is a public school outreach effort aimed at improving the overall health of children, teachers, administrators, and parents. photo by Anne Thompson, Digital Imaging


May 19, 2014



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