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MUSC Employee Applause

The following employees received recognition through the Applause Program for going the extra mile:

Medical Center
Susan Gay, Women’s Services; Sally Shields, Women’s Services; Jennie Nguyen, ART 6 West; Tiffany Bailey, ART 6 West; Priscilla Pearsey, EVS; Tom Carter, ART 6 West; Georona Gadsden, ART 6 West; Becky Hank, ART 6 West; Regina Alwardt, Women & Infant Services; Casey Howett, Women’s Services; Brenda Brown, Women’s Services; Amelia Hinchcliffe, Women’s Services; Deborah Cepeda, Women’s Services; Michelle Vareltzis, Radiology; Laura Zimerman; STNICU; April Austin-Genua, PACU; Michelle Magwood, North Area Multi-Specialty Clinic; Abbie Kjellman, STNICU; Ana Rosa Virella-Pena, Women’s Services; Michelle Turner, Women’s Services; Elaine Cromwell,Venipuncture; Jessica Stout Johnson, 10 West; Antonio Giordano, Residents Medicine; Jared Guichard, Residents Medicine; Peggy Willis, Social Workers; Holly Smith, ART 3 West; Michael Howard,    RT Univ Internal Medicine; Blake Olmsted, Residents Medicine; Elane Martin, RT Univ Internal Medicine; Melissa Nolan, RT Univ Internal Medicine; Cathy Addison, RT Univ Internal Medicine; Tim West, RT Univ Internal Medicine; Phyllis LaBoard, RT Univ Internal Medicine; Mona Baylock, RT Univ Internal Medicine; Altrameze Horry, RT University Internal Medicine; Nathaniel Piel, Department of Medicine; Linda Monroe, RT Univ Internal Medicine; Lisa Foster, Revenue Cycle; Terri Bartlett, STNICU; Tracy Floyd, Women’s Services; Cynthia Boolen, 5 East; Gwendolyn Cohen, Outpatient Registration; Moya McFadden, Radiology; Lisa Dooley, Radiology; Mark Lawless, Laboratory Services; Talaesia Jenning, HCC Scheduling; Joan Ancrum, Patient Transport Services; Sandra Buck, RT Urology Clinic; Lillian Jenkins, Revenue Cycle; Shanell Gadsden, University Internal Medicine; Linda Abney, Revenue Cycle; Sharon Ancrum, Venipuncture; Geraldine Smalls, PAS; Cheryl Lynch, General Internal Medicine-Geriatrics; Mary Nelson, Radiology; and Samir Karia, Neurology–Pediatrics

Kellie Adams, Radiology; J. Mark Barry, College of Dental Medicine; Stacy Bramlet, College of Dental Medicine; Alexzandrea Brown, College of Medicine-Dean’s Office; Sonia Castellano, Library; Anna Delamar, College of Medicine-Dean’s Office; Lisa Fowler, College of Dental Medicine; Daniel Knause, College of Dental Medicine; Allen Johnson, College of Dental Medicine; Gabrielle Redding, College of Medicine-Dean’s Office; John (Jack) Reinhardt, Public Safety; Walter (Wally) Renne, College of Dental Medicine; Beth Trout, College of Dental Medicine; and Joe Vuthiganon, College of Dental Medicine.


May 2, 2014



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