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Waring Library wins online resource award

Staff Report
Waring Library curator Susan Hoffius with the ALHHS award. photo by Cindy Abole, Public Relations

MUSC  Waring Historical Library received the 2014 Online Resource Award from the Archivists and Librarians in the History of the Health Sciences. The award was presented to Waring curator Susan Hoffius at the annual ALHHS business meeting, held on May 8 at the American College of Surgeons in Chicago.

The ALHHS Online Resource award honors the work of MUSC's Waring Historical Library Curator Susan Hoffius and Digital Archivist Jennifer Welch for their online exhibit of the Porcher Medicinal Garden. The exhibit website and its corresponding garden serve to increase public awareness of the holdings of the Waring Historical Library and, specifically the archival collection of Dr. F. Peyre Porcher.

Award committee reviewers noted that the exhibit was an interesting and creative use of archival resources. It was noted that this online resource could rightfully stand as an important example of the possibilities that exist for an online exhibit to engage new users and serve in tying together a connection between virtual, physical and special collection resources. Hoffius and Welch have shown how archives and their collections can be used to educate the public in non–traditional venues, which connect historical events to current research and inquiry.

In accepting the award, Hoffius recognized the many people who contributed to the physical and online exhibit, particularly Sherman Paggi, Thomas Hamm II, Robin Smith and the Porcher Medicinal Garden advisory committee. "We wanted to do something special with this exhibit, and we feel that the combination of historical content and contemporary drug information provides a complete user experience of Dr. Porcher's work. Being able to include the thousands of pages of Dr. Porcher's published and unpublished work in the online exhibit enhances its utility for researchers."


June 13, 2014



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