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TCU nurse is June DAISY award recipient


The June DAISY (disease attacking the immune system) award winner is Marvetta Daniels, R.N., who works in 2TCU. Daniels was nominated by La’Tell Stewart and Shameka Middleton, co–nurses in Daniels’ unit.

Below is her nomination:

“Marvetta exemplifies the kind of nurse that any up–and–coming R.N. would be happy to emulate. This day she had a patient (Mrs. R), who had a history of hypertension, who was sitting in the nurse’s station, just to get her out of bed and her room. Mrs. R sat with us for a pretty lengthy period, until she said that she was tired and ready to return to bed. Not long after returning to bed, Marvetta noted that Mrs. R. was becoming increasingly labile and unresponsive, so she made a point to closely monitor her. At approximately 18:45, while I was in with another patient, the RN1 that was working with us that day came to me and said that “Marvetta has just called the MET [medical emergency team] on Mrs. R”. The RN1 rushed back to the room to assist and I brought the crash cart. The MET was a first for the RN1, but by the time I got to the room, my help was not really required. Marvetta had taken charge, and was skillfully directing our RN1 on what she needed her to do. I remained at the door so as to retrieve any more supplies that might be required. As I stood there observing the events going on, I was overwhelmed by a sense of pride, watching my co-workers perform the task needed to assist the patient. It was learned that Mrs. R had experienced an acute hypertensive crisis, and had to be rushed for a stat CAT scan of the head and was transferred to an ICU unit. Marvetta’s experience and critical thinking skills surely saved Mrs. R, who is now back on our unit and much much better than before. Marvetta’s actions and the resulting outcome made me proud to be her coworker. This is only one small example of the type of care that she personally gives our patients, each and every day that she is here at MUSC.     

Daniels has made my first year at MUSC truly unforgettable. She is an outstanding nurse who goes the extra mile for the patients on TCU. Her high level of professionalism and knowledge has impacted my career tremendously. Daniels advocates and provides the best care possible for all her patients. She gives a great deal of support and guidance to the entire staff on a daily basis.”

Each month, MUSC nurses are honored for their excellence with the DAISY Award. The award is part of the DAISY Foundation’s program recognizing nurses for their daily contributions in their jobs. To nominate a nurse, visit


June 20, 2014



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