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Area hospitals' caring clowns

The Third Annual Bumper T. Caring Clowns Luncheon was held at their June 19 meeting at Café Fork in West Ashley. These Caring Clowns are volunteers that provide therapeutic humor  to patients, families and care givers of MUSC Hospital, the Children’s Hospital, Roper Hospital, St. Francis Hospital, and Ralph H. Johnson VA Medical Center.  First row: MUSC Bumper T. Caring Clowns founder Robert Mason (aka Doctor Geezer), third from right, joins adult hospital Caring Clown Lori Salado, second right, who works in OCIO communications and volunteers as Doctor Flutterby in her spare time. MUHA HR recruiter Marlena Davis, back row center, volunteers as Doctor Fluffy Bottoms at night. Other supporters at the event include MUSC volunteer managers, Katy Kuder and Melissa Kubu and Kelly Hedges. photo provided


June 27, 2014



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