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Residents recognized with departmental awards

2014 Institute of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences residency and fellow graduates include Drs. Lindsay Campbell, Logan Foltz, James Haug (chief resident), Troy Kapral (chief resident), Danielle Lopez (chief resident) Reetta Marciano, Asa Pharr, Gregory L. Sahlem, Harish M,angipudi, (chief resident), Colleen O’Rourke, Nolan Williams (chief resident), Nicholas Evangelidis, Whitney Fulton, Matthew Bader, A.J. Manett, Lauren Yarrow, Suzanne Kerns, John Coates, Liza Grueneberger, Martha Krlstad, Dale Miller, Danield Uderitz, Billy Beck and Erin Seery. photo provided

Dr. Laurie Brown Resident Teacher of the Year — Brandon Sutton, M.D.; Dr. John E. Mahaffey Resident of the Year — Brystol Henderson, M.D.; and Dr. J. G. Reves Resident Research Award — Abdu Algendy, M.D.

Charles P. Summerall Fellow of the Year — Richard R. Bayer, II, M.D.; EP Fellow of the Year —Dr. James Merriam, M.D.; First Year Outstanding EP Fellow for 2013–14 — David Daly, Jr, M.D.; VA Award “Be All You Can Be” — Frederick Funke, M.D., and Robert Yoe, M.D.; and Michael E. Assey Award for Faculty of the Year —Valerian Fernandes, M.D.

Infectious Disease
Teacher of the Year — L.W. Preston Church, M.D. and Chief Fellow Plaque — Andrea Banks, M.D.

Internal Medicine
Intern of the Year — Livia Tsien, M.D.; Resident of the Year — Nate Richards, M.D.; Fellow of the Year — Eddie Kilb, M.D., and Kathryn Willoughby, M.D.; Michael E. Assey Teaching Award — Rogers Kyle, M.D.; Ambulatory Teacher of the Year — Walter Brzezinski, M.D.; Division of the Year: Rheumatology — Richard Silver, M.D.; Outpatient Resident of the Year — Karen Abernathy, M.D.; and Inpatient Resident of the Year — Elizabeth Kirkland, M.D.

Excellence in Care — Alison Smock, M.D.; Resident Teacher of the Year — Nolan Williams, M.D.; Highest In–Service Score — Dong In Sinn, M.D.; Faculty Teacher of the Year — Ken Nozaki, M.D.

Neuroscience Research Day
Best Case Report — Ifran Ali, M.D.; Best Overall — Libby Kosnik Infinger, M.D.; Best Neurology — Karen Karwa, M.D.; Best Neurosurgery — Jan Vargas, M.D.; Most Promising New Finding in Neurology — Nolan Williams, M.D.; Most Promising New Finding in Neurosurgery — Avery Buchholtz, M.D.; and Best Presentation from a Junior Resident — Stephen Lowe, M.D.

MIS Award — Hannah Steele, M.D.; Coastal Award — Jessica Brown, M.D.; J. Marion Sims Award for Surgical Excellence & SLS Combined — Jennifer Burgess, M.D., and Cecil H. Nelson, M.D.; J. Richard Sosnowski Award for Outstanding Achievement in OB and Humanism and L.L. Hester, Jr. Award for Academic Achievement and The H. Oliver Williamson Award for Excellence in Gynecology — Rachel Stacey, M.D.; ACOG/CREOG Award — Roger Newman, M.D.; Administrative Chief Award — Jennifer Burgess, M.D.; PVD Award — Paul Underwood, M.D.; and Community Physician — Scott Jennings, M.D.

Storm Eye Institute Program Director’s Award — George Magrath, M.D.; Ophthalmic Technician of the Year — Christopher Cassidy; COT Pierre Gautier Jenkins Award for Resident Teaching — Charles M. Proctor, M.D.; William W. Vallotton Award for Academic Excellence – Reid Turner, M.D.; and Helma Award for the Best Research Project — Jennifer Davidson, M.D.

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Department (James B. Edwards College of Dental Medicine)
Oral and Macillofacial Surgery Certificates — Eric Mcgill Bryant, DMD and Sarah Proulx Donald, DMD

Orthopaedic Surgery
Highest Orthopaedic In Training Exam — Cory A. Messerschmidt, M.D.; First Place Outstanding Siegling Society Research Paper — Taylor A. Horst, M.D.; Second Place Outstanding Siegling Society Research Paper — Robert E. Holmes, M.D.; 2014 AOA–OREF Resident Leadership Nominees —Steve C. Stacey, M.D., and Peter H. White, M.D.; and John A. Siegling Teaching Award — Vincent D. Pellegrini, Jr., M.D.

Pathology & Lab Medicine
Chief Resident 2014–2015 —Sherry Okun, M.D., and Tom Soike, M.D.; House Staff Award for Clinical Pathology Faculty — Angie Duong, M.D.; House Staff Award for Anatomic Pathology Faculty —Mike Caplan, M.D.; Committees: 2013–2014 University Curriculum Committee – Heidi Hamilton, M.D.; 2013-2014 Peer Review Committee – Natalie Mason, M.D.; 2013-2014 Infection Control Committee – Sherry Okun, M.D.; 2013-2014 CAP Cytopathology Committee and CAP Residents Forum – Shannon Butler–Williams, M.D.; 2013-2014 Resident House Council Representative — Ashley Cross, M.D.; 2013-2014 MUSC House Staff Council (Vice–President) — Jon Gullett, M.D.; and Best GME presentation: Kate Eichel, M.D., for “Nocardiosis:  A Diagnostic Challenge”

Department of Pediatrics’ Dr. Michael Southgate presents the 2014 Pediatric Intern of the Year award to Dr. Jessica Litsey. photo provided

2013-2014 Losek Legacy Award — Meghan Cummins, M.D., (EM); and Jessica Litsey, M.D., (Pediatrics); Intern of the Year — Jessie Litsey, M.D.; Intern Compassion Award — Jessie Litsey, M.D.; Senior of the Year — Evan Allie, M.D., and Catherine Foster, M.D.; Fellow of the Year — Rebecca Cafiero, M.D.; Outstanding
Elective Rotation (Infectious Disease) and Outstanding Pediatric Attending – Terry Dixon, M.D.; Outstanding Required Rotation — Pediatric Primary Care — Kristina Gustafson, M.D.; Most Supportive Faculty — Adebowale Odulana, M.D.; Best Inpatient Educator — Sarah Mennito, M.D.; Best Outpatient Educator — Elizabeth Wallis, M.D.; Best Procedural Teacher — Fred Tecklenburg, M.D.; Best Morning Report Educator —David Sas, D.O.; Best Noon Conference Educator — Sandra Fowler, M.D.; Rookie of the Year — Elizabeth Wallis, M.D., and Adebowale Odulana, M.D.; and Most Supportive Staff — Rebecca Hasegawa

Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences
Laughlin Psychiatric Endowment Fund Award/Dr. Henry P. and M. Page Durkee Laughlin Foundation — Greg Sahlem, M.D.; J.J. Cleckley, M.D. Clinical Excellence Awards -- James Haug, M.D., Greg Sahlem, M.D. and Nolan Williams, M.D.; PGY1 Outstanding Didactic Teacher of the Year — Lee Lewis, M.D.; PGY1/PGY2 Clinical Teacher of the Year — Tomas Brouette, M.D.; PGY2 Outstanding Didactic Teacher - Bryan Tolliver, M.D., Ph.D.; PGY3 Outstanding Didactic Teacher — Libby Riddle; PGY 3 Outpatient Supervisor — Kelly Holes–Lewis, M.D.; PGY4 Outstanding Career Mentor Awards — E. Baron Short, M.D. and Edward M. Kantor, M.D.; Child Fellow Outstanding Diadactic Teaching — Owen S. Shoemaker, Ph.D.; Child Fellow Outstanding Clinical Training Award — Mark W. Wagner, M.D.; Clinical Excellence Award — Ryan Christopher Shorey; John C. Roitzsch; Memorial Scientist Practitioner Award — Christal Lynn Badour and Sandra M. Coulon; Laura Griffin Humanitarian Award Class of 1996 — Melissa Joy Griffin; and Robert Magwood, Jr. Outstanding Service Award for Crime Victims — Meg Wallace

Surgery (General)
Max S. Rittenbury, M.D. Intern of the Year Award — Ashley B. Hink, M.D., and Rachel O. Cavenaugh, M.D.; Student Award for Excellence in Resident Teaching — William P. Lancaster, M.D.; and David J. Cole, M.D. Professionalism Award — Daniel S. Eads, M.D.






June 26, 2014



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