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25 Days Until Epic Go-Live!

Upcoming Important Dates
June 9

Oncology Protocol Go–Live. Oncology orders will be placed and activated in Epic.

June 17
Pre-Op Clinic Go–Live and OR Posting Slip Go–Live. All OR appointments will be live in Epic.

June 17-19
Login Labs to ensure access into Epic. Epic project team members will staff booths throughout the Medical Center to help employees log in to the system. Employees must have completed a training to receive an Epic login.

July 1
Enterprise Go–Live. All applications will be live in Epic.

Training Update
More than 80 percent of Medical Center staff required to sign up for training has done so already. It is an expectation for Medical Center employees and physicians to attend the appropriate Epic training, and Epic training is required in order to get a login for the Enterprise Go-Live on July 1.  Classes and eLearnings can be found in CATTS, so sign up now! If you have any questions about which classes you need to take, contact or call 792-9979.

Additional information can be found on the Epic website —

Once you have been trained, have fun in the Enterprise Playground where users can walk through various scenarios to get more comfortable documenting in Epic. There are separate instructions for nurses and allied health professionals as well as physicians. Each role has a different training login which is listed on the Playground webpage

If you have any questions, reach out to the Epic Help Desk at
792-Epic (3742) or

And stay tuned for more information on what to expect during the cutover from existing systems to Epic…                              

June 6, 2014



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