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Trauma nurse tapped with DAISY Award


July’s DAISY (disease attacking the immune system) award winner is Brent Paape, R.N., who is a staff nurse at 6West in the University hospital. Paape was nominated by Stephanie Chamberlin and Katherine Blume, both 6West nurses.

Brent is an outstanding and hard– working nurse with great knowledge in his field and a caring attitude toward everyone. We have several chronic, long–term patients on our unit. Many are confused and/or combative. Many are frustrated due to their long stay and can often be verbally aggressive. Brent shows extreme caring and patience when dealing with this patient population. Brent always takes his time with patients no matter how busy he may be. He addresses every detail of their care and thoroughly discusses the plan of care with each patient daily. We had a patient on our unit who was having a difficult time accepting her physical limitations following a long hospital stay. The patient could not accept or understand the need for her to transfer to sub-acute rehab and kept insisting we needed to fix her and get her back to her pre–hospital condition.

Our physicians and case managers spent a lot of time reviewing every aspect of the patient’s medical condition with her. Everyone was frustrated by her refusal to listen to them and refusal to leave the hospital until her condition was back to normal.

On a very busy day Brent was assigned to that patient. After the doctors reviewed her situation once more, Brent sat down next to the patient and went through the details again. He went through her initial diagnosis, what happened to her during the course of her stay and why she was still having the problems she was having. He showed no signs of frustration at all. He was very calm and went through every detail with her again.

Brent always shows this brand of compassion and patience with his patients. He works very hard and takes initiative in determining their needs.

Brent is always willing to help others no matter how busy he is. Anyone in his care is in great hands. He is exactly the kind of nurse I would want taking care of me or my family.    

Brent always attends to all of his patients’ needs with care and attention to detail. This particular patient was at times difficult to care for and testsed the limits. Brent was always professional with this patient and maintained a good relationship through tough times.

He followed through with all the requests of this patient and even assisted when he was not the assigned nurse. Additionally, Brent is a team player who never complains.

Each month, MUSC nurses are honored for their excellence with the DAISY Award. The award is part of the DAISY Foundation’s recognition of nurses for their daily contributions in their jobs. Visit

July 10, 2014




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