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The Catalyst

Meet Ashley Rickey, M.D.

General Surgery


How you are changing what’s possible at MUSC  
By trying to always have a positive attitude even in tough/stressful situations.

How long at MUSC
8 years (4 years in medical school and 4 years residency)

Family and Pets
Husband, Josh (also a general surgery resident); daughter, Kendall, 18 months; two dogs, Turbo and Lacey; and a cat, Dohc

Music that’s in your player right now
Sesame Street sing-a-long songs, because that’s the phase our daughter is into now

How do you stay fit
Mostly running around the hospital during the day and chasing a toddler around when I get home

Something I’ve tried and will never eat again

July 10, 2014



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