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MUHA Communications Corner - Medical center and College of Nursing team up

Medical Center and College of Nursing team up to offer unique opportunity to MUSC nurses


MUSC’s medical center and College of Nursing have joined forces with an increased focus on promoting the professional development of nurses within the hospital and integrating faculty with clinical programs.

One of the largest endeavors in this new partnership is the opening of the MUSC Registered Nurse (RN) to Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing (BSN) Program, specifically tailored to working nurses.

“This is an exciting time as we embark on new endeavors to advance our nurses professionally,” says Gail W. Stuart Ph.D., R.N., Dean and Distinguished University Professor at MUSC’s College of Nursing. “With changes in health care, we need a nursing work force that is continually growing, learning and assuming new roles in patient care; we want to ensure that our nurses are in optimal positions to deliver on the new expectations and demands of our evolving health care system.”

In order to facilitate as many nurses pursuing their BSN as possible, the College of Nursing has lowered tuition, compared to the accelerated BSN program, to approximately $20,000 which positions it very competitively with other programs both in-state and nationwide.

“This is an exceptional opportunity for our nurses,” says Matt Wain,medical center chief operating officer. “MUSC College of Nursing is recognized as one of the nation’s top nursing schools, and it’s a great partnership celebrating nursing excellence on our campus.”

The medical center and College of Nursing have worked diligently to make the program as open and available as possible to MUSC’s nurses and hope to accept as many qualified students as possible in the first year of the program. Currently, they expect 30 students from the medical center, but total enrollment could expand to 60–90 in the future.

After the BSN Program
The College of Nursing places a strong emphasis on graduate programs, and the hope is that the nurses who receive their BSN through this new program will also be interested in the Doctor of Nursing Practice program, which is also offered entirely online.

“We are committed to assisting the hospital in helping nurses seek new opportunities and new roles as the medical center grows and develops,” adds Stuart. “We are working on carving a partnership and bridge between our medical center nurses and the College of Nursing and are beginning to formalize an exchange of knowledge, skills and innovation as we move forward in the days ahead.”

Other hospitals in the state have plans to advance their nursing work force from a majority of associate’s degrees to bachelor’s degrees, so MUSC can expect the nursing programs to see significant growth in years ahead. The College of Nursing will welcome nurses from other parts of the state in various programs to accommodate this shift; however, the preference and priority will be MUSC’s own medical center nurses.

MUSC RN to BSN Program: At a Glance

  • New admissions will be accepted each fall
  • One academic year, full–time program of study
  • The academic year consists of three semesters. Instead of one course for the entire semester, the course content is taught in five–week modules, which moves nurses along in a focused and engaging manner.
  • The entire program is online, which allows nurses flexibility and allows them to participate or study when they get home from work or other obligations.
  • The program acknowledges the nurses’ clinical expertise to date; they will build on a clinical project as part of their program of study.
  • The course curriculum requires several prerequisites.  
  • Nurses interested in entering the program will meet with Student Services to go over prerequisites.
  • Nurses will receive credits for courses taken while pursuing their Associate’s Degree in Nursing.
  • Applications are now being accepted for Fall 2014. If you are interested, contact Carolyn Page, director of Student Services at 
  • The MUSC medical center now offers a scholarship program for RNs seeking their BSN.
  1. There will be 30 scholarships awarded this year. The deadline for applications is July 15. For more information and apply, visit
  2. Tuition reimbursement is available for those who are not awarded the scholarship. More information regarding tuition reimbursement can be found in the HR policy at
July 5, 2014



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