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MUHA Physician of the Month Award

MUHA Phyician of the Month

Dr. Jonathan Foote has completely changed our GYN/Oncology "world" at Hollings Cancer Center.

This is a physician who consistently eases some of the daily stressors by being approachable, dependable, and trustworthy. The patients just love him.

He's been a great support this year, especially while two of the partners were out on maternity leave. He's always willing to help with clinics, surgery, phone calls, rounding... name it!

The triage nurses feel comfortable calling him for questions, therefore getting safe and appropriate answers quickly back to our patients who call. He differs from our wonderful residents in the sense of him being the constant — he assists with clinics daily, makes patient phone calls, and answers questions from every aspect of the health care team (labs, chemo infusion unit, in-patient units, triage phone calls, clinics, pharmacy, etc.), so he knows these patients backwards and forwards and never rotates out. He has been such an asset to our team. This is an exceptional individual who deserves to receive recognition for the way he practices medicine.
Nominated by Sassha Rodriguez–Romero

Jonathan is a pleasure to work with, he always shows a positive attitude and you can expect him to give 110 percent at all times. He is always readily available when doctors can't be here, making the day a smooth transition for the workers as well as the patients.

His love for his work shows on a daily basis making him approachable for any questions, concerns, or even problems. He is a very well rounded.

Although he is a physician he doesn't allow his title to make others feel inferior.

Always having an open ear to the patients allowing for all questions without the feeling of being rushed. 
Nominated by Antoinette Blakely

July 5, 2014



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