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MUSC awarded Elite Achiever Award

MUSC recently was selected as the recipient of the South Carolina Government Management Information Services’ Elite Achiever award for IT projects under $500,000. The award, which recognized efforts with the Mobile Device Management and 2–Factor Authentication projects to help users protect MUSC data, was presented to MUSC-OCIO teams in Columbia on July 24. Front row: Clay Taylor, left to right, Dr. Roger Poston, Dr. Mark Sothmann, Dr. Pat Cawley, Dr. Frank Clark, Robbie Townsend, Chris Carr, Lisa Pecsuk, Dr. Mary Mauldin; Second row: Jeff Pritcher, Susan Fisher, Greg Murphy, Dion Franklin, Kurt Nendorf, Scott Deal, Andy Anderson, Jonathan Taylor, Dr. Michael Schmidt; Third row:Joshua Ivey, Corey Infinger, Scott Powell, Albert Bing, Stan Sulkowski, Dennis Slade Anthony Singleton, Tim Burnham, Lori Upshur, Denise Clark; Fourth row: Austin Starling, James Sparks, Michael McIntyre, Mike Wheeler and Jimmy Roth. photo by Cindy Abole, Public Relations
August 18, 2014



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