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Division of F&A promotes MUSC Excellence

The University’s Finance & Administration Division celebrated its Employee Appreciation Event on July 16. The event recognizes staff from the Engineering & Facilities and Finance and Operations departments who were nominated during the past quarter for their commitment to MUSC Excellence, or who received milestone numbers of “Thank you” PEER Postcards.

Employee of the Quarter Winners

Engineering & Facilities manager Bruce Mills, from left, congratulates quarterly winners Patrick Wellman, Rudy Chapman, Mike Campbell and Billy Condon. Also pictured is Greg Weigle, Chief Engineering Facilities officer. photos provided

Engineering & Facilities — Michael Campbell, Rudy Chapman, William (Billy) Condon, and Patrick (Eddie) Wellman (group winners)

“I am writing to inform you of what a great help and job your team members did for me. CHP Information Technology (IT) purchased a server rack and UPS system for the CHP IT computer server room.  Both of these products are extremely heavy and hard to manage. These products were delivered on different days and times. The delivery truck [for the first delivery] was 4 hours later than expected along with having no unloading ability and a difficult delivery driver.  Your team members were there and provided all necessary unloading equipment and helped with the unloading and getting the equipment up to the 3rd floor in CHP–A building.  They were courteous, professional, very efficient, and never a discouraging word uttered. They turned this into a ‘no big deal’ and easy delivery experience. The second delivery went very well and again your team members were great. This delivery was hard; there were three pallets and each weighed upward of 250 lbs. each if not more.  So, getting these to CHP–A 3rd floor was a challenge.  Once again, your team members turned this into a no big deal and easy delivery experience. If it had not been for your team members there would have been no way I could have accomplished getting this equipment to CHP–A 3rd floor.”
Nominated by: James E. Jones, College of Health Professions

Finance — Gillian Meyer, Accounts Payable/Travel Reimbursement  

Accounts Payable's Gillian Meyer, second left, recieves her award from Chief Financial Officer Patrick Wamsley and is joined by her nominators Angela Alford, second right, and Mellie Klinger.

“We would like to nominate Gillian Meyer for her tremendous work in the Accounts Payable department.  Gillian is the travel reimbursement clerk in the AP department. She quickly noticed that she kept getting the same types of questions over and over again as well as having to reject TRs due to the same types of errors. Gillian on her own initiative came up with the idea of creating an AP “Helpful Travel Reimbursement Tips” for TRs that could then be communicated with our customers. She did a great job creating this new document and even sent it to several customers for their input prior to releasing it to the campus….[This nomination covers all four pillars: Service [the document is now on the Disbursement Services website, the Accounting 101 agenda, and it was sent out via email to new users]. People [the service provided by Gillian ensured that University employee’s travel reimbursements could be processed faster due to fewer errors on the TRs.  This also allowed AP to provide excellent customer service and be a “one stop shop” for the customer instead of having to look at each policy separately]. Quality [Gillian created and updated the “tips” document many times before the finished product was published. She ensured that the document was not only informative but more importantly helpful to the departmental users]. Finance [This document provides assistance to departmental users so that the TRs do not have to be rejected and “reworked”.  It has also helped cut down on the TR processing turnaround time].  
We would like to thank Gillian for thinking outside of the box and for her willingness to go above and beyond.”
Nominated by: Angela Alford, Payroll Services and Mellie Klinger, Finance
Operations — Warren Sholl, Parking Management/Parking Enforcement and Field Activities

“Warren, a retired Public Safety Officer, has worked for Parking Management for four years. As a parking enforcement officer he is responsible for enforcing the MUSC traffic and parking regulations, an activity which is essential but not always well–received or appreciated by the community. Warren took the initiative to expand his enforcement and field activity responsibilities into providing assistance and support in many ways – effectively becoming an ambassador for parking services.  Two recent examples serve to illustrate:

  • Special events: The great majority of these are held on the Ashley Avenue horse shoe, which daily has a high volume of vehicular and pedestrian traffic.  Much activity is generated by an event, but much activity is associated with the daily routine of the hospital and university.  If parking support is not required by the hosts, Parking Management is not always informed of the event. In his daily monitoring of activity around campus, Warren recognized that the presence of a parking management field activities officer at the event would be helpful in managing traffic, providing parking and other information and in providing any special assistance to hosts and guests that might be needed.  Warren assumed this role, and it has proved so helpful that event planners now notify us and request our support. 
  • There was a hit–and–run accident on Bee Street recently where a driver of a vehicle hit two parked cars. With only a partial description of the vehicle, Warren undertook a check of the area for the vehicle.  Warren thought the driver might be a patient or person otherwise associated with MUSC; and, indeed, he found the vehicle parked in [one of MUSC’s] garages. As a result of Warren’s sense of responsibility and his concern, the driver of the vehicle was located and assisted and the owners of the vehicles that were damaged had recourse.
Parking Management's Warren Sholl, second right, receives his award from Parking Management's Jim Roche, from left, Chief Operations Officer Stewart Mixon, and Melinda Anderson.

These two examples reveal Warren’s dedication and commitment to providing quality service to the MUSC community. In August, Warren will celebrate his 20th anniversary as an MUSC employee — 16 years with Public Safety and four years with Parking Management.  There is no better time to recognize Warren than on this occasion.
Nominated by: Melinda Anderson and Jim Roche, Parking Management

Other EoQ Nominees:
Amanda Hofmann, Grants & Contracts Accounting; Miriam Gibson, Human Resources Management; Sonya Shuler, Public Safety; and Daniel Schultz, Public Safety

PEER Postcard
This recognition is an employee “thank you” card given by F&A employees to their co-workers when they are observed practicing standards of behaviors consistent with MUSC Excellence in the areas of Service, Finance, People, Quality and Growth.




PEER Milestone Recipients for April, May and June 2014
LaDeidra Berry, Human Resources; Raj Bhagani, Purchasing Services; Sonja Brockington, Controller’s Office; Angelin Brown, Parking Management; Peggy Cunningham, Accounts Payable; VeLonda Dantzler, Human Resources; Terry Denmark, Engineering & Facilities; Ter Rá Du Bois, Controller’s Office; Rosemarie Fancy, Controller’s Office; Monique
Controller’s Office; Sandra Gethers, Engineering & Facilities; Siobhan Hanson, Human Resources; Mellie Klinger, Controller’s Office; Jade Knapp, Controller’s Office; Delores Mitchell, Controller’s Office; Margaret Myrick, Controller’s Office; Denise Reddrick, Controller’s Office; Andrew Rider, Controller’s Office; Eunice Rivers, Controller’s Office; and Katherine Von Ruden, Controller’s Office.


August 1, 2014



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