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Walmart, Sam's Club raise $180,000 for Children's Hospital

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Walmart and Sam's Club recently wrapped up a six–week campaign to raise funds for Children's Miracle Network Hospitals across the country.

MUSC Children’s Hospital partnered with 12 Walmarts and 1 Sam’s Club in Charleston and surrounding areas, such as Georgetown and Walterboro. These stores, thanks to their associates, customers and members, were able to raise $179,203.66, which will help to provide patient visits for more than 200,000 kids again this year.

Nationally, through donations accepted at cash registers and in-store fundraising activities, Walmart raised more than $40.2 million for the 170 hospitals that make up the Children’s Miracle Network. These funds help CMNH provide patient visits for more than 10 million kids each year.

Kimberlina Hutson states, “My most important responsibility is to keep my cashiers motivated and help the associates and our community understand why and who we are collecting for. I’m passionate about CMNH because a world with no kids is not a happy place and every child should have the help and support to fight off any obstacle they come across.”

Hutson is from the Goose Creek Walmart and she is in charge of the Children’s Miracle Network campaign at her store. In six short weeks, the Goose Creek Walmart raised $38,040.25. It was among the top stores in the country for highest fundraising totals.

This year's campaign is the most recent in annual fundraising by the retailers, as Walmart and Sam's Club have collected more than $740 million since partnering with the charity in 1987. Walmart and Sam's Club funds impact each of the 170 Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, which treat 1 in 10 children across North America. Hopsitals utilize the funds based on what they need the most — typically for purchasing lifesaving equipment, supporting top therapy programs and providing charitable care.

To raise funds, MUSC Children’s Hospital partnered with local Walmart and Sam’s Club to host a variety of fundraising activities such as the car show that Sam’s Club hosted this year that raised more than $5,000.  This event, along with the many others that were put on by the stores in the Charleston market, propelled giving totals to exceed previous years.

The retailer’s six–week campaign ran May 1 – June 13. Walmart and Sam's Club 2014 fundraising efforts will continue throughout the year at participating locations through various in–store activities.

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August 1, 2014



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