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Internal medicine nurse receives DAISY

August’s DAISY (disease attacking the immune system) award winner is Kathy Salter, R.N., who is an internal medicine clinical nurse in Rutledge Tower.

Salter was nominated by Margaret Stieber.
Steiber wrote: “I want to acknowledge Kathy for all that she has done for myself, my husband (Jeff) and each and every person she comes in contact with every day of her life. Kathy’s love for her patients comes from her heart and soul; it’s not a job it’s her desire to care for her patients’ to the best of her ability and if she can’t take care of something she’ll find the person(s) that can. Kathy is truly an extraordinary person (nurse); she pours her heart into each and every thing she touches or does.  I truly believe I can say “Kathy is a God sent angel” that my husband and I have been blessed with in our health care team. Why do I feel this way about Kathy: (this is the most recent account) this morning I sent Kathy and Dr. Keith a message via MyChart regarding needing help with an issue regarding my husband on July 8. Within the hour my phone rings, it’s Kathy. She asked what was going on, I give her an update on my husband’s problem. Kathy said she’ll do make some calls and get back with me. Within the hour, Kathy called back with a date and time for my husband with a new doctor.  This is just one of many times that I call or send a message via MyChart and Kathy is able to take care of my situation or directs me to whom can help. She is empathetic and caring; always extends herself beyond the call of duty. No matter how busy or how many constraints are put upon her she never denies her patients her all. Kathy never lets on that she’s extended into another patient’s  block  of time. She’s always calm, caring and thorough. Kathy exemplifies the kind of individual I could only dream of being (although I try my best) and one that I would pray to have for any family member of mine and all patients. Kathy is a role model that other nurses could learn from and shadow just to see what an extraordinary, special, caring and kind nurse/person should be. I speak for myself and husband what an honor it is to be a part of this awesome team; having Kathy as a part of this team has been an honor and pleasure to be under her care. Thank you for all you do for us and every patient you come in contact with.                

Nominated by: Margaret Stieber

August 8, 2014



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