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MUHA Employee of the Month Award


Kelly Leighty
Social Work Program
“C.C. was admitted with no options. He had nowhere to live, was under the care of DSS, and was a difficult placement due to his behavioral issues. He has a significant history of violence that makes placing him even more difficult.  Kelly volunteered to take his case on and worked tirelessly with APS, probate court, the patient’s guardian, his attorney, and the doctors and administration of the hospital to develop a care plan and to get the patient placed. With daily phone calls and emails Kelly brought the many pieces of the puzzle together to move the patient to a safer, more pleasant environment.  She is the only reason the patient was able to move to another facility.  She created a discharge plan and checked on it every day. She has shown that anything can be possible and she has given this patient a second chance. Kelly is a prime example of MUSC excellence — she is hardworking, compassionate, and determined. She will do was best for her patients no matter how long or hard she has to work for it! She is a wonderful asset to MUSC!”
Nominated by Jennifer Fox




Ruthel Williams
Referral Call Center

“Our Call Center supervisor received a call from a grateful patient stating that she was looking for Ruthel Williams. Susan let the patient know that Ruthel was off and asked if she could help. The patient explained that she had a colonoscopy scheduled and had called into HealthConnections to see if were options to help obtain a prep kit as she did not have the money to buy one. The patient knew that without the prep she would not be able to have the test. The patient stated that Ruthel was kind to her and wanted to let Ruthel know that she appreciated the money order and that she used it to buy the prep kit and to let her know that the colonoscopy was fine. This exemplifies “Changing What’s Possible.” Ruthel is a very kind spiritual person and starts each day praying that someone will be put in front of her that she can help. Ruthel never mentioned what she did to anyone, just went quietly on her way. Had we not received the call from a grateful patient we would not have known. While Ruthel would never say, we do not believe this was an isolated incident.  In this, Ruthel is the person that we all want to be, going about her day, quietly making life better for someone else.”
Nominated by Linda Meehan





August 8, 2014



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