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Medical Center Service Awards 2014

Geraldine V. Gourdine                                               Main OR
Phillip Evans Jarvis                                  OCIO Info Services

30 Years
Connie R. Barbour                                               Medical ICU
Barbara Bender Bradham                         OCIO Info Services
Darby Ann Brass                            Fast Flow & Satellite Labs
Linus Brown                                   Radiology Administration
Sheryl L. Champagne                   Anesthesia Ambulatory OR
Michael A. Coffman                                 OCIO Info Services
Shirley Ann Cummings-Jamison                   ART Endoscopy
Sheila Brown Freeman                                  Dietetic Services
Vivian Frasier Gathers                                 Labor & Delivery
Elizabeth C. Gray                                      Neonatal Nurseries
Rebecca L. Higginbotham                                  ART Holding
Emily Palmer-Gadsden                  Fast Flow & Satellite Labs
Cynthia A. Roberts                                        Communications
Ronda Jean Sanders                                          Cytopathology
Barrie Bell Tyler                                       Respiratory Therapy
Marilyn York Willis                            Clinical Documentation
Sheila S. Springer                   Medical Records File Retrieval
Demetria J. Washington                                    Utilization Mgt
20 years
Allan Keith Beeks                                    OCIO Info Services
Donna Rae Blish                                         Mother Baby Unit
Kennith L. Brinkman         Safety, Security & Volunteer Svcs
Shirley S. Brown                                          Clinical Resource
Barbara Smalls Busby                                      Guest Services
Debra Jean Capps                                  Radiology-Diagnostic
Patricia A. Cohen                           Fast Flow & Satellite Labs       
Patricia A. Condon                             Women’s Health Admin
Harriet S. Cooney                               Psychiatry Practice Plan
Althea Cooper-Smith                                    Labor & Delivery
Aileen Smalls Cromwell                                      Venipuncture
Jamieson H. Dirkes                                   OCIO Info Services
Myrna Q. Divinagracia                                   Adult Psych-1N
Jeanne D. Drose                                       Respiratory Therapy
James W. Ferris Jr.              Safety, Security & Volunteer Svcs
Lisa Denise Foster-Nesbit                        Registration  Admin
Deonne Nicole Francewar                             HLA Laboratory
Janice Freeman                                              ART Endoscopy
Jean M. Goodson                                                      Main OR
William John Graham                        ART Safety & Security
Allyson Murray Hart                                 Pharmacy Services
Coletha L. Heyward                          Environmental Services
Jean A. Houser                               Outpatient Cardiac Rehab
Michael Graham Irving                                 Office of CMIO                                          
Jacqueline M. Jacobus                              Neonatal Nurseries
Karen Elaine Johnson                       Clinical Documentation
Jo Ann West Keller                                  Neonatal Nurseries
Kelly Ann Kornegay                                     Epilepsy Center
Cheryl Lee                                                   Medical Records
Laura Gilchrist Leonard                            Risk Management
Michelle Antoinette Lincoln                Clinical Effectiveness
Cynthia B. Locklair                                  Medical Center HR        
Rhonda L. Long                               Biomedical Engineering
Marshall McFadden          Safety, Security & Volunteer Svcs
Frederick W. Miles                                    Plant Maintenance     
Laura Williams Myers              Neonatal Nurse Practitioners
Mary Ellen Butler Nelson                                      Radiology
Pauline B. Nelson                         Fast Flow & Satellite Labs
Ruthy K. Nesmith                               ART-Adult Respiratory
Phyllis Jeanette O’Neal                                            Main OR
John G. Oliver                                   Orthopaedic Cast Room
Nedra J. Pappas                                Hospital Finance Admin
Nancy Lucinda Parker                                              Main OR
Susan Golob Popiel                                      Family Medicine
Linda Gail Poulos                                        Clinical Resource
Suzanne C. Ravenel                                            Medical ICU
Linda Rutland Reeves                    Musculoskeletal Svc Line
Janice D. Rhodes                           CTC Community Training
Stacey Jaye Ribble                          RT Children’s Endoscopy
Glenn Robinson                                  ART Safety & Security                 
John Michael Sanders                                 Chief Ops Officer
Pacifico A. Santiago Jr.                             Plant Maintenance
Anita B. Shuler                              Peds Respiratory Therapy
Patricia A. Simmons                                Patient Admissions
April Slagle                                                Labor & Delivery
Elaine Sola                                                            ART-DDC
Sharon Stevens                        9W Neurology-Neurosurgery
Williamm A. Thomison    Safety, Security & Volunteer Svcs
Annette Thompson                                  OCIO Info Services
Vernell Threat                   Safety, Security & Volunteer Svcs
Leslile Scheurer Von Lehe                       Neonatal Nurseries
Cynthia Margaret Wand                                                   SEI

10 years
Christine Ashley Aanstoos                  8D Peds Cardiac Unit
Heather Heath Adams                                                   HVC
Diane L. Aghapour                         Patient Support Services
Sarah Page Atkins                                Ambulatory Holding
Rosemarie Battaglia            Childrens Services Ambulatory
Charity Jean Berg-Maggard                                ART DDC
Nicole Mulllinax Bernier        Patient Satisfaction Program
David Bishop                                      Ashley Ave Phys-OT     
Martha E. Britt                                    Financial Counselors
Helen V. Brooks                             Discharge Call Program
Cynthia D. Brown                                               ART DDC
Jacob Spencer Bush                                  Communications
Sara Roam Carroll                             Clinical Effectiveness
Marilia Castello                                 Transfusion Medicine
Bruce Arthur Chambers                              Ambulatory OR
Betty A. Chandler                       6W Trauma Surgical Svcs        
Baby Carmen Escano Cinense        8E Medical Acute Care
Rita Susan Clabaugh-Dewalt          HVC Prep & Recovery
Casey Candy Cline                                                 ART OR
Margaret Elizabeth Collins            Radiology Nursing Svcs
Audra Kiley Condon                                Speech Pathology
Faye Vickery Connor                                 ART Endoscopy
David C. Cordray                    Hospital Patient Accounting
Jennifer Olivia Corson            ART Hematology Oncology
Michael Craine                                                Venipuncture
Jay Willia Craven           Safety, Security & Volunteer Svcs
Tricia Marie Crocker                    RT Outpatient Pharmacy
Lanita Regina Davis                                                      7W
Traci D. Davis                                                       SEI Peds
Lorena Carol DelGrosso                      7A Infant Care Unit
Cynthia A. Dollason     CH Afterhours & Specialty Clinics
Clarice Smyly Dorsey                   Radiology Nursing Svcs
Melissa Anita Dunkerley                        Clinical Education
James A. Early                                     OCIO Info Services
Peggy J. Edgerton                                          DDC Clinical
Catherine Ann Edwards                            Family Medicine
Lewis Eisele                                            Cardiac Care Unit
Maribeth D. Epley                           Electrophysiology Lab
Christi Arlene Ferguson                            ART Endoscopy                    
Laura M. Finklea                             HVC Prep & Recovery
David Henry Frisby                                     Central Supply
Daniel P. Gracie                               Epic Inpatient Clinical     
Tamara Aleace Graves                        6E Renal Transplant
Christine Greco                                            Endocrinology
Mikia T. Green                                                    Radiology
Susan Diane Groome                                         Anesthesia
Jimmy A. Gunter                                   CEP/Infrastructure
Barbara Ann Haase                                   Lactation Center
Jenair April Hamilton                                             CT-ICU
Christopher A. Hardee                   HVC Prep & Recovery
Dawn P. Heyward                  Cardiac Mechanical Support
Elsie Eileen Hill                                       Cyropreservation
Nadara Dale Hoffmann                          Antepartum GYN  
Denise  Elaine Horry-Asby                             Registration
Lisa A. Hunninghake                                               CDAP
Elizabeth Berry Hutson                    Clinical Effectiveness
Courney S. Jarrard                                                   OT-3W
Nicole M. Jeffcoat                                          Medical ICU
Deborah Carol Jenkins           Hospital Patient Accounting
James F. Johnson                                Biomed Engineering
Johnny H. Johnston                                    Peri Anesthesia
Felecia Jones                                   Patient Transport Svcs
Bruce K. Keck                         Pharmacy Repackaging Ctr
David L. Kerns                         Fast Flow & Satellite Labs
Paula L. Kersey                                         Epilepsy Center
Kimberly Ann Kirby                          Anesthesia Main OR
Laurie Anne Krafsig                             Patient Admissions
Lisa Marie Langdale                Nursing Prof Development      
Melinda J. Lange                   Investigational Drug Service    
Malcom J. Lanter                            Epic Inpatient Clinical
Brienne Adair Lawrence                    Radiation Oncology
Treandra Z. Lawson                                           Meducare       
Michael C. Limehouse                               Central Supply
Holly Michelle Loflin                                        Pharmacy
Anthony John Lynes                          OCIO Info Services
Betty J. McKelvey                              Psychiatric Nursing
Theodore A. Middleton                                    SEI Retina
Jennifer H. Minick                                               ART 3W
William T. Mitchell III                                        Main OR
Rebecca J. Moore                                  Labor & Delivery
Jennifer L. Morse                                          Cytogenetics
Carla B. Morton         HVC Clinical Outcomes & Quality
Laurie Ann Moultrie                                           Meduflex
Brooke W. Nitterhouse                                       Peds ICU
Donna Jean Oden                       Diagnostic Microbiology
Gloria Palmer-Long                   Diagnostic Microbiology
Bobbie L. Pearson                           Radiology Diagnostic
Lauree Gail Pearson              Neonatal Nurse Practitioner
Rebecca M. Peters                      Outpatient Billing Office
Joyce L. Peterson                                 Speciality Nursing
Dawn Marie Pike                      Peds Respiratory Therapy
Cynthia S. Plutro                                            Star Ladson
Charlene M. Porcelli                                       Adult Echo
Carrie J. Pridgen                                      ART Endoscopy
Cynthia I. Prioleau                                     Central Supply
Phyllis L. Randolph                                            DDC-6E
Barbara A. Ravenel                          ART Central Supply
Elizabeth L Reigart                  Transplant & Nephrology
Susan S. Rivers                                       ART Endoscopy
Cameron M. Roper              Hospital Patient Accounting
Cynthia A. Rose                                                 Main OR
Fleur Emelyn Rovillos                                   8E Medical
Paula A. Sain                              ART Hematology-Onco    
Shannon Broach Saladin                            Bronchoscopy
Nancy J. Sampson                                       RT Pediatrics
Sandra Ann Sansom                           Neonatal Nurseries
Claire Clara Singleton                              Histopathology           
Carleene M. Skipper                           Patient Admissions
Alice McKie Skorke                     HVC Prep & Recovery
Kathy Sloan                                          Risk Management
Harolyn D. Smith                                       Guest Services
Melyssa Anne Smith                     HVC Prep & Recovery
Stephanie E. Snider                          Surgery Trauma ICU
Erin S. Spalviero                                                       9NSI
Kitt Starckey-Beam                     Clinical Documentation
Daryl Richard Stawicki                       CEP/Infrastructure
Stephanie E. Steely                Medical Records & Coding
Margaret M. Stieber              ART Electrophysiology Lab
Mark A. Stimpon                                 Medical Center HR
Kellie Smith Suggs                              Children’s Services
Kristin B. Swiler                                    Women’s Care SL
Reginald L. Terry                                     Adult Psych-1N
Angela R. Thomas                           Financial Counselors
Tatiana V. Thomas           Adult Inpatient Pharmacy Svcs
Thomas G. Thompson                                       HLA Lab
Thomas D. Tietjen                              Kidney Transplant
Betty A. Tilley                                      Communications
Robert M. Tritt                           Biomedical Engineering
Linete K. Tureville                                 Peds ICU-8CHF
Cynthia L. Tyler                      Ambulatory EMR Project
Laura Ann Uebelhoer                      Anesthesia Main OR
Shawn R. Valenta                                        Telemedicine
Michelle W. Vareltzis            Radiology-Mammorgraphy          
Felicia M. Von Dohlen                       Neonatal Nurseries
James B. Walker Jr.                   ART Inpatient Pharmacy
Carrie A. Ware                                   Neonatal Nurseries
Annette Warren                          Adult Inpatient Program
Selena Warren                                                             7W
Angela R. Washington             Adult Inpatient Pharmacy        
Labertha E. Washington                              Venipuncture
Dorothy H. Weiss                                      ART DDC 6W
Brenda W. White                                               Meduflex
Monica E. Wigfall                               Mother-Baby Unit
Tina D. Willett                                 Anesthesia Main OR
Nicole M. Wrazin                                 HCC Ambulatory
Sandra Collier Zambetti                               HCC Clinics

September 22, 2014



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