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Medical ICU nurse presented with DAISY award


August’s DAISY (disease attacking the immune system) award winner is Jessica Pritchett, R.N., who is a critical care nurse in the medical intensive care unit in the University hospital. Pritchett was nominated by Leanna Loud.

Loud wrote: “On this exceptionally busy night, we found our floor short-staffed, and getting multiple admissions.  We received an admission from St. Francis Hospital, who was sicker than was reported, requiring a higher level of care than we were able to give.  I called the ICU charge nurse Jessica Pritchett, who quickly agreed to assess the patient.  Upon assessment, she immediately realized the patient was going to need more intensive care than a floor nurse could provide and there were no ICU beds available. Jessica stayed at the bedside to care for the patient.  She called the doctor, placed the patient on a monitor, drew labs, gave medications, started fluids and an insulin drip, reported critical labs, and charted on the patient. She did all this while explaining to the patient’s granddaughter, who is a phlebotomist at a local hospital, what was happening and what to expect. And, she did so in a manner that made the patient’s family comfortable during a time when even though we were short on staffing, we were able to provide extraordinary care.”  



September 5, 2014



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