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DAISY presented to 5East ART nurse

December DAISY winner Justyn Lamb, center, is joined by her ART 5East team.

The December DAISY (Disease Attacking the Immune System) Award winner is Justyn Lamb, R.N., who works on 5East ART. Lamb was nominated by the 5East ART Leadership Council. Below is Lamb’s nomination:


“It is with great enthusiasm that I write this DAISY nomination for Justyn Lamb. We currently have a patient on our unit that has been here for several months and is projected to be here for an even longer extended period of time. The patient, M.R., has many complex emotional and physical needs and he is considered our highest acuity patient. Many of the staff have expressed compassion fatigue when assigned to care for this patient. As a unit, we decided to create a rotation log to give staff a little respite and yet still remain engaged in his care. It is important for this background information because even in light of having to care for one of our most challenging patients, Justyn has found a way to be amazing with him each and every shift. Justyn is meticulous with his orders. Frequently she can be heard thinking out loud and collaborating with the physicians, clarifying his orders. She has gone as far as to pad a urinal with an Allevyn dressing to enhance comfort when he voids. M.R. is receiving HD daily and accurate urine output documentation is crucial to his care. She was observed weighing him for a second time in one shift just to be sure we had the most accurate measurement. To some, weighing a patient may not seem like a big deal. Those that know M.R. know that it is a tedious and timely process to get him out of bed. These are just a few acts that happen all the time when she is caring for M.R. These small acts seem trivial yet are vital to his care and outcome. The compassion Justyn gives is not limited to just the patient. Justyn has been overheard asking the patient’s family to take care of themselves as well. Compassion fatigue isn’t limited to just hospital staff. The patient’s wife has been at his bedside since he arrived. Justyn frequently reminded M.R.’s wife to take breaks and go eat. Last, I would be remiss to leave out that Justyn has oriented two nurses since M.R.’s admission. The thoughtful and meticulous care she provides can be seen in her orientees. It’s heartwarming to know that she cares so much about her patients but also that she teaches the same compassion to new nurses. There is no doubt in my mind that her patients are receiving the most comprehensive and compassionate care ever. We are lucky to have her and even luckier that she is sharing this compassion with each new nurse she orients.”

Each month, MUSC nurses are honored with the DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nurses. It is part of the DAISY Foundation’s program, recognizing the efforts that nurses contribute daily in their jobs.

The award is given to outstanding nurses in more than 1,800 health care provider hospitals in the United States and 14 other countries. Nominations can be submitted by anyone — patients, visitors, physicians, fellow nurses and all MUSC staff and volunteers.

For information or to nominate a nurse, visit

January 22, 2016



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