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MUSC Parkshore celebrates with leaders

By Cindy Abole

photos by Sarah Pack
MUSC President David Cole, second from left, and MUSC Health CEO Dr. Patrick Cawley, far left, greet a big crowd of employees Jan. 21 as they gather to celebrate diversity at MUSC's Parkshore office.

Excitement was in the air as dozens of employees filled the lobby of MUSC’s Parkshore Office for a Jan. 21 midday event. The occasion featured a special Imagine MUSC 2020 event celebrating Diversity and Inclusion, one the five goals of the strategic plan.

MUSC President David Cole, M.D., FACS, MUSC Health CEO Patrick Cawley, M.D., University Chief Diversity Officer Willette Burnham, Ph.D., and members of senior leadership traveled seven miles from downtown Charleston to West Ashley to meet co–workers and share their thoughts.

“We’ve spent the last year laying the groundwork for our institution’s strategic direction and common purpose,” said Cole. “Having something that resonates with each individual’s hearts, in terms of who and what we are and what we represent to ourselves and our community, is important and has resulted in Imagine MUSC 2020.”

Cole emphasized the plan’s common values for the institution — respect, collaboration, innovation, compassion and integrity — and how these values serve as the groundwork for employees and their daily efforts.

“We should embrace diversity as one of this institution’s five goals. Without us accomplishing this goal, we will be less than we ever can be: less as a nation, a community and an enterprise,” he said.

Cawley thanked employees who have volunteered and served on various diversity and inclusion sub–committees. “We’ve had a tremendous number of ideas that have been generated by groups led by our diversity leaders Dr. Willette Burnham and Anton Gunn. Please keep this up. We firmly believe we’re only as good as all of us together,” he said.

In conclusion, Cawley praised Parkshore employees as members of the greater MUSC care team. “We cannot be MUSC without our non-clinical caregivers. Traditionally, one sees the term ‘caregiver’ and thinks only of a doctor or a nurse. We’re going to begin using the term ‘caregivers’ or ‘caregiving team’ for all MUSC employees. That’s because everyone can care. Everyone can be compassionate.”

“When all of us are that, we can do great things for MUSC,” Cawley said.



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