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     Center for Biomedical Imaging


The Center for Biomedical Imaging (CBI) provides state-of-the-art imaging resources to advance the field of imaging, train and mentor young investigators.  Additionally, the CBI allows basic and clinical sicentists to collaborate, discover new ways to study normal and disease processes and apply these approaches to clinically relevant research.

What's been happening in the CBI this year?  Check out our Inaugural CBI Newsletter to find out!

CBI FY2013 Annual Report

This is the first Annual Report of the Center for Biomedical Imaging (CBI). In fiscal year 2013, the CBI provided imaging support and resources for 55 research groups with 74 unique research projects funded by an estimated total of 69 federal and foundation grants. These grants represented approximately $11.5M in funding to MUSC with approximately $2.8M in indirect costs. The CBI also supports MUSC faculty by providing development time to be used for collaborations and the collection of pilot data. In fiscal year 2013, the CBI underwrote approximately $359K of this development time for MUSC researchers. One highlight of fiscal year 2013 was the initiation of a Ph.D. program in Biomedical Imaging, under the direction of Dr. Truman Brown. Overall, the CBI is healthy with all systems functional and usage increasing over FY2012.

Download the full CBI FY2013 Annual Report



June 22-25, 2014:
The CBI Lecture Series will resume after the summer.

Dr. Schoepf Awarded "Most Influential Radiology Researcher" by the "Minnies"!

Happy 70th Birthday to Dr. Truman Brown!

Construction Started on BEB235B

New Faculty, Junior Faculty and Development Time Policies Posted




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