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Past Lectures
DatePresenterTitleUniversity Affiliation
03/24/2011Ron Meyer, PhDBOLD mechanisms and application in skeletal muscleMichigan State University
06/10/2011Ed Hui, PhDMapping Microstructrual Alterations in Ischemic Tissues using Diffusional Kurtosis ImagingUniv. of Texas Health Science Center
07/07/2011Ann Marie Broome, PhDMolecular Imaging Gets Personal:  Targeting the Cancer SignatureCase Western Reserve University
08/11/2011Lei Jiang, PhDDevelopment and Application of Advanced MRI and Connectivity Modeling TechniquesGeorgia Tech & Emory University
09/16/2011Juri G. Gelovani, PhDAdvances in molecular-genetic, epigenetic, and cellular imaging in vivoAnderson Cancer Center
10/28/2011Chris Richards, PhDOptical and Spatial Isolation of Membrane Receptors for Single Event ImagingCalifornia Institute of Technology
11/17/2011Els Fieremans, PhDAssessment of white matter microstructural integrity with diffusional kurtosis imagingNYU
01/30/2012Jeff Binder, MDFMRI in Anterior Temporal Epilepsy Surgery: The FATES StudyMedical College of Wisconsin
03/12/2012Erik Shapiro, PhDMolecular and Cellular MRI of Cancer: A theranostic visionYale University
10/12/2012Denise Benoit, PhDEngineering nanoparticle-protein associations for protein crystal nucleation and nanoparticle arrangementRice University
10/22/2012Michael Schultz, PhDRadiochemistry and Applications for PET Radionuclide Ga-68 - An Increasiign Role for Molecular ImagingUniv. of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics
12/03/2012Vitria Adisetiyo, PhDQuanitative Characterization of Brain Microstructure and Iron Homeostasis in Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder from Childhood through AdolescenceNYU
12/18/2012Yun Zhu, PhDDual inhibition on src and MAPK potentially sensitize chemoresistant ovarian cancer cellsGeorgia State
06/07/2013Dominique Duncan, PhDNetwork analysis of Intracranial EEGYale University
06/17/2013Ziying Yin, PhDMR Imaging and Elastography: Applications to Cartilage Tissue Engineering and RegenerationUniv. of Illinois
09/17/2013Joseph Schoepf, MDImaging the HeartMUSC
10/15/2013Deqiang Qiu, PhDQuanitative Susceptibility Mapping and Human Brain Imaging using Ultrasmall Superparamagnetic Iron Oxide (USPIO)Emory Univ.
10/21/2011Rod Pettigrew, MD, PhDConvergence Science and the Public' HealthNIBIB
10/22/2011Peter Van Zihl, PhDMRI in the 21st Century: Functional, Physiological and Molecular Imaging of the Human BrainKennedy Krieger Institute
10/22/2011Ed Wu, PhDPreclinical MRI Research for Basic Life Sciences: Past, Present, and FutureUniversity of Hong Kong
06/09/2012David Arrington, MD, PhDProtective techniques in CT-guided Percutaneous Hepatic AblationsMUSC
06/09/2012Nicole Horst, MDPreliminary Evaluation of High Pitch, Dual Source Computed Tomagraphy Enterography for Radiation Exposure ReductionMUSC
06/09/2012Ed Hui, PhDAssessment of white matter microstructural integrity with diffusional kurtosis imagingMUSC
06/09/2012Dan Boulter, MDPrevalance of Missed Infarcts and Other Inaccurate Findings at CT Perfusion for Acute Stroke PatientsMUSC
06/09/2012Gayatri Joshi, MDCancer Risks accosiated with Chest CTMUSC
06/09/2012Lei Jiang, PhDReal Time Motion Tracking and Correction Using Active Markers for Brain MRIMUSC
06/09/2012Mark Ahlman, MDThe Utility of Dual-Point FDG PET for Imaging Neoplasms of the BrainMUSC
06/09/2012Andreana Benitez, PhDCognative processing speed and Diffusional Kurtosis Imaging in normal aging, Mild Cognitive Impairment and Alzheimer's DiseaseMUSC
06/09/2012Jim Thrall, MDRadiology in the Age of Precision MedicineMassachusetts General
01/16/2013Mark George, MDThe Exciting Histoy of Brain Imagign Research at MUSC: The Risque Untold StoryMUSC
01/16/2013Maurice WeaverApplications of micro PET/CT Imaging in Medical ResearchSiemens
01/16/2013Vivek Shinde Patil, PhDIn Vivo Imaging of Disease and TherapyPerkin Elmer
09/17/2013Joseph Schoepf, MDImaging the HeartMUSC
10/15/2013Deqiang Qiu, PhDQuantitative Susceptibility Mapping and Human Brain Imaging using Ultrasmall Superparamagnetic Iron OxideEmory University
11/05/2013Amanda LaRue, PhDA Role for Hematopoietic Stem Cells in Bone RepairMUSC
11/19/2013Marty Pagel, PhDPicturing the Future of Cancer Health Care with CEST MRIUniversity of Arizona
12/03/2013Satish Nadig, MD, PhDTargeted Drug Delivery in Solid Organ Transplantation: An Emerging ConceptMUSC
12/17/2013Ron Kikinis, MDMedical Image Computing in the Procedure RoomHarvard Medical School
01/07/2014Carol De Cecco, MDDual Energy CT: Cardiovascular and Oncologic ApplicationsMUSC
01/16/2014Fadel Zeidan, PhDBrief Mindfulness-Based Mental Training Reduces Pain: Insight from the BrainWake Forest School of Medicine
01/21/2014Paul Sajda, PhDSimultaneous EEG-fMRI: Why Bother?Columbia University
01/31/2014Brent Munsell, PhDUsing Deep Learning to Predict Autism in Infants Prior to 24 Months of AgeCollege of Charleston
01/31/2014Joseph Helpern, PhDFrom Zeugmatography to MRI to the Novel Prize and BeyondMUSC
02/04/2014Peisheng Xu, PhDStimuli-Responsive Polymer Based Nanomaterials for Targeted Drug DeliveryUniversity of South Carolina
02/18/2014Jeffrey J. Borckardt, PhDPain, the Brain and Emotional RegulationMUSC
03/04/2014Tong Ye, PhDOptical Molecular Imaging: From Laser Spectroscopy to MicroscopyClemson University
03/12/2014Lotta Granholm, PhDDown Syndrome and Alzheimer's Disease: Towards a Better UnderstandingMUSC
03/12/2014Ralph A. Nixon, PhD, MDThe Lysosomal Network: The Achilles' Heel of Neurons in Neurodegenerative Disease PathogenesisNYU Langone Medical Center
03/18/2014DeAnna L. Adkins, PhDDiffusion MRI Biomarker of Stroke Related Brain PlasticityMUSC
03/28/2014Fadel Zeidan, PhDBehavioral and Neural mechanisms Supporting Mindfulness Meditation-Related Pain Relief: Implications for Clinical PainWake Forest School of Medicine
04/01/2014Jennifer Wu, PhDInnate Immunity: The Essential Flavor of Tumor ImmunityMUSC
04/15/2014Frank Alexis, PhDBiodegradable and Biocompatible Imaging AgentsClemson University
04/22/2014Aikaterini KotrotsouEx-vivo MR volumetry in age-related neurodegenerative pathologiesIllinois Institute of Technology
05/06/2014Anna-Liisa Nieminen, PhDDissecting the Death Pathways during Oxidative Damage with Confocal /Multiphoton MicroscopyMUSC
08/05/2014Andy Shih, PhDSmall strokes, big consequences: In vivo two-photon imaging of small vessel pathology in the mouse brainMUSC
08/19/2014Carlo DeCecco, MDMR Imaging in Rectal Tumors: Actual Strategies and New Imaging TechniquesMUSC
09/02/2014Gilberto PrudencioPreclinical Image Guided Micro IrradiationXstrahl Sales Rep
09/16/2014Xingbao Li, PhDInterleaved TMS/Pharmacological fMRI: A New Neuroscience ToolMUSC
12/16/2014Ashish Raj, PhDGraph Models of Brain Structure, Function and DiseaseCornell
01/15/2015Joseph Piven, MDThe Infant Brain Imaging Study (IBIS): Insights into the Early Development of AutismUniversity of North Carolina
02/26/2015Susanne Van Veluw, PhDCerebral Microinfarcts: The Invisible LesionsUniv. Medical Center Utrecht
05/19/2015Deanna Adkins, PhDChanges in Diffusion MRI following Experimental Stroke and Rehabilitation TrainingMUSC
06/16/2015William Hill, PhDBad to the Bone: Age-Related Changes in Mesenchymal Stem Cell miRNAs and Their effect on the CXCL12 (SDF-1) Axis and OsteogenesisGeorgia Regents University
09/15/2015Thomas Naselaris, PhDUsing Mental Imagery to Probe Feedback in the Human Visual SystemMUSC
11/02/2015Dale Mugler, PhDDigital Hermite Functions for Medical Signal and Image AnalysisUniversity of Akron (Ret)
11/17/2015Brian Wandell, PhDNew Methods for measuring activity, connections, and tissue properties in the living human brainStandford University
12/01/2015Jeff Barnes, MSMassArray Technology from Agena Bioscience: A Versatile and Scalable Targeted Genomics PlatformAgena
01/19/2016Joe Carson, PhD3D Imaging at Low Cost: A Marriage of Medical and Stronomy ToolsCollege of Charleston
06/28/2016Yash Tiwari, PhDMRI Biomarkers in Experimental Ischemic StrokeUniversity of Texas 
09/23/2016Sook-Lei Liew, OTR/LBig Data Neuroimaging and Neuromodulation to Promote Motor Recovery after StrokeUniversity of Southern California
10/18/2016Andy Shih, PhDVasomotion as a Link Between Neuronal and Resting State Functional ConnectivityMUSC
11/21/2016Hanzhang Lu, PhDMagnetic Resonance Imaging of Brain PhysiologyJohn Hopkins University 
12/2/16Dorian Pustina, PhDBuilding predictive models from multimodal neuroimaging: examples from epilepsy and post-stroke aphasiaThe University of Pennsylvania
1/23/17Ravi Menon, PhD, FCAHSStructure and function of the human and non-human primate brain at ultra-high magnetic fieldsThe University of Western Ontario Canada
2/16/17Keith Thulborn, MD, PhDQuantitative metabolic 23Na and 17O MRI imaging at ultra-high field: cell volume fraction and cerebral metabolic rate of oxygen consumptionUniversity of Illionois Chicago
3/21/17Dieter Haemmerich, PhD, DrSci, FHRS MUSC

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