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Electronics Shop
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  • Includes an assortment of electrical analysis, mechanical, and circuit building equipment.
  • Available for equipment repairs and building / design of custom RF coils or other equipment.
  • Stop by for consultation on anything having to do with custom equipment setups.
  • E-prime and LabVIEW assistance / development is also available. 
  • Please contact Jayce with any questions

The shop has the following equipment available:

  • Electrical Analysis Equipment
    • Oscilloscopes
    • Power supplies
    • Function generators
    • Frequency synthesizer
    • HP network analyzer
    • Multimeters
  • Circuit Building Tools
    • Standard wire handling tools (strippers, cutters, etc)
    • 22 gauge wire, breadboards
    • Standard capacitors, resistors, switches, and an assortment of ICs
    • Many different types of cables (BNC, serial, fiber optic, video, audio, etc)
    • Digital soldering station
    • Variable and fixed high voltage, non-magnetic capacitors
    • Non-magnetic PIN diodes
  • Mechanical Tools
    • Automatic Drills
    • A vast assortment of screwdrivers, socket wrenches, hex keys, and other standard tool box items
    • Hacksaws, hole saws
    • Epoxy and other glues
    • Tap, Die, and Drill sets
  • Electronics Equipment
    • National Instrument Data Acquisition cards and breakout boards
    • Fiber Optic Receivers and Transmitters

68 President Street, MSC 323, Charleston, SC  29425
Phone: 843-876-2480  E-mail:
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