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Siemens 3T TIM Trio MRI
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Siemens 3T MRI


Siemens 3T TIM Trio MRI scanner, equipped with integrated fMRI paradigm presentation equipment, offering visual, auditory and olfactory stimulus delivery, with tactile and verbal feedback. The scanner and fMRI set-up have been designed to integrate seamlessly with other research MR scanners in South Carolina providing an excellent foundation for multi-center studies. The scanner operates with a 100% mandate for research use, as delineated in the state-approved certificate of need, and is covered by a master research agreement with Siemens Medical.

Please note that any use of the MUSC facilities in which a patient/subject is scanned for any reason outside of the standard of care should be classified as “Other Costs” under the NIH guidelines.  “Patient Care Cost” is defined as any procedure/scan that is directly related to patient care and is deemed standard of care.


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